The quest for a fit body harbours innumerable myths – is creatine fat loss one of them? Some with the lowest fat percentages on the planet, bodybuilders, utilize this supplement routinely and swear by it. Although their low percentages seem to argue for creatine fat loss, it's mainly attributable to diet and exercise. However, creatine fat loss isn’t entirely myth. Its just the leaner body results from creatine fat loss indirectly, rather then directly. Adding this supplement may help you burn more calories. Here's how it works.

Creatine acts to quickly replace the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) required for muscle use. The more ATP available to your muscles, the more they can do. The more your muscles do, the greater creatine fat loss. The supplement's main benefits lie in activities which required quick bursts of power – weight lifting. Consuming creatine before workouts allows your muscles to heft heaver weights for more repetitions. This leads to greater lean muscle mass, resulting in indirect creatine fat loss.

How does muscle gain lead to creatine fat loss? Well, a more muscular body burns more calories. That is, a 145 lb. Muscular body burns more calories then a 145 lb. fat body, even doing the same activities. Even just watching TV. Ever noticed how muscular people exude more body heat? That's evidence of burning more calories. By supplementing, you gain muscle more quickly, creating an environment for the indirect creatine fat loss.

And despite the assistance gaining lean muscle mass, creatine and weightlifting won't cause you to bulk up like illegal steroids would. Women can use the supplement for indirect creatine fat loss without fear of looking like Rocky, or even like professional female body builders. Men may bulk up, but weightlifting would've caused that anyway because of the higher testosterone.

Although greater muscle mass indisputably burns more calories, and results in creatine fat loss, you probably won't lose all the fat you'd like unfortunately. And it would be very slow. Aerobic exercise simply can't be avoided. The greater muscle mass gained through supplement use will, however allow more intense aerobic exercise. This increase your indirect creatine fat loss by burning more calories in a shorter time then you would have before.

Additionally, supplementing before aerobic exercise provides ATP just as it did for weightlifting, though less efficiently. This allows for fat loss because you can exercise harder and longer, burning more calories aerobically. I've personally experienced this. After supplementing, I can complete a cardio dance DVD which, not supplementing. I find it too difficult. Although far from conclusive, it does argue for creatine fat loss.

So using creatine, weightlifting and aerobic exercise may result in creatine fat loss by providing greater energy and stronger muscles to exercise with. It isn't a miracle diet pill. Creatine fat loss won't happen just by adding the supplement to your diet and hoping. But as part of an overall diet and exercise regimen, this supplement may increase your lean muscle mass, cause you to burn more calories exercising aerobically, and experience creatine fat loss indirectly. As an added bonus, the increase in lean muscle mass provides a nice, toned body to expose when the creatine fat loss is complete.

As always, consult a doctor before beginning a fitness regimen or supplementing.

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