Weight loss is hard enough, but have you ever tried to lose the fat? It can be difficult, but if you incorporate certain steps into your daily routine and your daily thinking, you can help your body lose weight and reach your fat loss goals.

  • Make a goal to do a two week program. Being strict with yourself for a shorter time can be psychologically easier knowing the end and the results are not too far away.
  • Think Cleanse - detoxification or cleansing helps your body rid toxins that can interfere with thyroid function, hormone balance and liver function. You will need full function of all of these systems for the most efficient fat burning ability.
  • Cut out bread and starchy bread products from your daily menu for now. Many of us have a “sensitivity” to them which can make fat loss extremely difficult. Try stopping them for two weeks and then slowly incorporating healthier starches back into your diet, such as whole, sprouted grains and beans.
  • Don’t consume milk products for now. These are allergens for many of us and they can cause your body to create excess mucus, inhibiting your body’s cleansing making fat loss difficult.
  • Your daily diet should be mainly fruits and vegetables. These add needed fiber to help bind fat and toxins to remove them from your body. Incorporate more into your diet by starting your noon and evening meals with a raw, green salad, and be sure your plate is at least half vegetables.
  • Eat 3-5 servings of protein a day. One serving should be the size of your palm or about two to four ounces. Choose from lean beef, chicken, turkey, tempeh and beans. Your liver needs protein to enhance the fat burning and detoxification processes.
  • Cut out all junk food. This includes fast foods, chips, cakes and candies, sodas, and most processed foods. These types of foods are high in chemicals that can be stored in your fatty tissues making fat loss difficult and fat gain inevitable.

There are more strict programs to follow or live by, and this list can help you get started. Get ready for summer and let your body cleanse so you can enjoy your body’s full fat loss ability.

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Cindy is a Certified Nutritional Counselor and Colon Therapist and has been working in the health field for 15 years. Find more fat loss tips and learn about colon cleansing at springclean-cleanse.com