The unhealthy habit of smoking is very fatal to your health. Every year about thousands of deaths every year are noted due to the smoking of tobacco. Many teens have lost their life so early due to this unhealthy habit of smoking. Smoking up course gives you a temporary relief from the stress and tensions, but it performs parasitically by hazarding your health too badly. Smoking outcomes fatally by ending your life easily, it reduces your lifespan by about 10 years. Suppose if you get prone to any of the fatal cancers due to the smoking duration then certainly your life is going to be hell. So, friends just quit smoking because it is going to hurt you fatally. Smoking is nothing more than an act of suicide; it is just like a process of slow poisoning. It is not difficult to quit smoking if you are totally determined and dedicated to achieve it. Here are the reasons why you should quit smoking.

Fatal Hazards of Smoking:

1. Lung cancer is the most commonly occurring outcome of the smoking. It is the cancer of lungs that destructs the respiratory system of the person. Once the lungs suffer with the cancer, it is very fatal, and surely your life is going to get end in maximum of about 4 to 5 years. This happens due to the carcinogenic substances that enter through the smoke into the respiratory system and leads to the cancerous growth in the lungs.

2. The risk of the cardiovascular disorders is being increased due to the smoking. It has been proved through the scientific research that smoking weakens your heart. It reduces the blood and oxygen supply to the heart thus causing the malfunctioning of the heart. Heart attack and heart strokes are being noted more commonly in the smokers than the normal individual. Smoking boosts the cholesterol content and thus you get prone to the heart attack. This is the fatal hazards of smoking that many people suffer with it. Atherosclerosis is one of the cardiovascular disorders that is being caused due to the smoking.

3. Damage to the nervous system is being noted to be occurring due to the smoking. It has been observed by the scientists that smoking increases the chances of suffering with the brain tumor. The working of the brain is being disturbed considerably due to the smoking. The working of the neurons sometimes gets dependent on the smoking and this is what makes you addicted to smoking. Sometimes even deaths are reported to the brain tumor caused due to the smoking.

4. Tuberculosis is the outcome of the consistent smoking of cigarettes. It is observed to be occurring very commonly among the chain smokers. This disease will occur within a year you start the smoking. Tuberculosis is the deadly infectious disease caused by the bacteria, Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The growth of the bacteria is being boosted due to the smoke of tobacco, thus making the condition more serious. Tuberculosis may become fatal if you continue to smoke while taking the treatment.

5. Leukemia or blood cancer is caused due to the smoking. The tobacco content of the smoke affects the blood cells adversely. It is the most dangerous forms of the cancer. Against it the survival rate is very less that is about just 5%. Kidney cancer and Bladder cancer are found to be caused due to the smoking. The hazardous particles of tobacco that enters through the respiratory system gets stuck in the kidney, bladder, or liver thus resulting in the cancer.

These are the fatal hazards of smoking. So, it is my genuine request to all the readers to quit smoking as soon as possible to stay away from these fatal disorders.

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