When it comes to healing on any level, the most important quality or virtue is courage. In order not to re-live our personal, family, national or ethnic history we must have the courage to face our past, or indeed to examine what we are creating in the present.

Without courage, all other qualities we consider virtues, such as love, forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance, kindness, charity and understanding are only temporary states of being for none of them can exist in our world unless they are supported by courage. Likewise, courage does not exist unless fear is present. Fear of judgment, fear of exposure, the fear of being shamed and the fear of being undefended.

Without courage we can simply succumb to our fate an allow it to be the cornerstone of our lives, dictating the outcome of every relationship and life experience, in essence, more like a millstone than a solid cornerstone from which to build something that expresses who we truly as opposed to the distorted self-view born from our wounding. However, all of the limiting life patterns that we experience really emerge from resisting that which was given, our fate. Yes, this sounds like a contradiction. In order for us to evolve our fate into a destiny of our choosing, we must first submit to whatever happened, to the fate that was given.

We live in a world of opposites, we have up and down, left and right, light and dark and so on an so forth and within life’s lessons lies opposites as well – we live in a world of comparison and our free will allows us to create a life of our choosing. So no matter where we stand in life, all that is not wanted is an opportunity for us to launch ourselves forward towards what we do want. However, so many of us spend so much time simply resisting what is instead of reaching for that which is wanted.

The word submit is a difficult word for most to digest. It conjures up images of submission, acquiescence and being resigned to a given situation with no further freedom to change or do anything about it. However, I use the term ‘submit’ in the meaning of accepting what is and what was. So why don’t I just say ‘accept’ in its stead? Fate is a given and it comes to us from a power and a force that is much greater than us, I am not talking here about an individual God, the God of the Bible who has a personality, a will, wishes, laws and is all mighty, but I am talking here about the forces that govern human relationships and all life. Within this force is not only the greater soul of humanity and the soul of all life on our planet, both seen and unseen by the naked eye, but also our individual soul.

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John L. Payne is the author of 'The Healing of Individuals, Families and Nations', 'The Language of the Soul' and 'The Presence of the Soul'. He is available for workshops and phone sessions world wide.