Every condition is the result of a thought and everything we think contributes to our success – or lacking. When we consciously choose to let old thoughts go, we open ourselves to new possibilities. In this means we are able to spontaneously change our reality when we change our thoughts, beliefs, intentions and perceptions. Every event is always neutral – any reaction is coming from the memory of a past experience, charging this present moment so that it is no longer neutral.

This is conditioned thinking – the cause and effect of karma – where we are unable to rise above our thoughts of how things are, or should be, in order to experience them as they actually are. The idea that there are limits is from the ego. Our higher self knows there are no limits. The ego has a filtered view and can only base ideas on the past, it has no knowledge outside our experience. Thoughts of doubt, frustration, impatience and fear confirm that whatever we are working towards does not now exist and keeps us living in our current reality.

Life has momentum – either directed by our conditioned thinking or guided by our destiny. Fate is the predetermined and seemingly inevitable series of events that happen to us as a result of our conditioned thinking, while destiny is the purpose and calling of a life. It allows us to navigate life instead of stumble through it. Conditioned thinking is like a virus that re-infects our destiny by projecting onto our future, condemning us to repeat patterns of the past. When we heal this past, and let it go, we are free to live in the flow of life on the path of our destiny where we experience life as an unfolding series of new experiences.

It’s much like streaming video where we live on the constant feed of our unfolding destiny rather than continue to write the story from our own limited, conditioned thinking. Thinking keeps us in our heads where there is only a thought of who we are, preventing us from living in the heart, where the truth of who we really are resides. There is nothing to do, or have, in order to be. We need only be who we really are, in each moment, and the doing and having will come naturally. We realize life is not a problem to be solved, but a wondrous mystery to be explored – not a destination but a journey.

When we spontaneously forget who we think we are, we instantaneously remember who we really are.

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Barry Lipscomb is a writer, healer and mentor with a mission to empower people to reach their potential. Through a practice of Focalizing, Chakra Cleansing, Blessings and Rituals, he works with clients to heal what prevents them from realizing their potential, mentor them along their journey to a more meaningful life and explore the possibilities for a successful, prosperous and abundant future, creating a more sustainable life for his clients and our world. For more information visit my website at www.barrylipscomb.com