Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world and is the time when we do something special for our Dads and Grandpas. We always like to spoil them with a gift or two but most Dads and Grandpas would be happy just to get the family together and have a good meal, preferably a barbecue, and a few beers.

Dads, no matter their age, will always love a new gadget, whether it’s a power tool or something more computerish, they love the challenge of learning something new. Great gadgetry Father's Day gifts for Dad and Grandpas are camcorders and cameras, which are always great for capturing family times together. Video games are great for Dad if he has a game console, or uses yours! There are some great keep-fit games for most console types so your Dad can play his favorite sport in front of the TV. The less energetic hand console games are great for Gramps, as there are lots of brain training games to keep him amused as well as adventurers and murder mysteries, if he’s not too keen on shoot ‘em ups or electronic dog grooming. He’s sure to get addicted to Tetris.

Ipods and MP3 players make great gadgetry gifts for old and young alike because everyone loves music. You may have to show your Dad or Gramps how to download new tunes but they are sure to love it especially if they get a docking station with speakers. They will be blasting out country music ‘til the cows come home. If they still prefer the old ways then you will have your work cut out finding music cassettes for their old kitchen radio cassette player, so it’s a perfect opportunity to bring them one step into the 21st century by gifting them a CD player. If he still has his old vinyl record player then why not look online to see if you can get him some vinyl discs, they make a great collectors gift.

Father’s Day is a time for family to get together and share some memorable times, if they really love music then hiring a karaoke machine for a day is a great idea for some fun family entertainment. Dad is sure to love crooning to your Mom and Gramps will be belting out country and western, it’s sure to be a great show. Who knows, you may have some true talent in the family and the younger ones will love showing Grandpa the latest things in music.

Father’s Day falls in June for most countries so it would be just great to get the barbecue out and let Dad get on with his favorite thing, grilling with a cold beer in hand. You could hire some garden toys for the day to keep the kids happy, there is everything from inflatable sumo suits and castles, trampolines to garden pools and hot tubs that the whole family will be able to enjoy on a hot, lazy summer afternoon.

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