By G.Thomas
Why is the practice of Father's Day not only an annual ritual but is also a fundamentally essential component to a healthy functional family? The value of parenting and traditional values taught are not only beneficially to the individual family, but to a societies interactions as a large interwoven mosaic of cultures and backgrounds.
The invaluable function of providing for family physically,emotionally,spiritually or intellectually transcends any monetary figure.

It is now 100 years that the modern day western tradition of Father's Day was begun in Spokane Washington by Sonora Dodd after hearing a sermon about Mothers Day. She proclaimed that her father who had raised 6 children single handedly after his wife had died, ought to have a special day to be recognized and acknowledged;and in
1966 President Johnston signed a Presidential Proclamation declaring the third Sunday in June as Father's Day.

A Father's Day of some kind --a day that is for Fathers of any kind--is recognized and maintained in many countries. there are also less known practices of honoring the father in more ancient history. Wikipedia has some interesting reading as to how and when it is practiced in other parts of the world.

It has become a traditional way to exercise a family value of unity. An outward display of our respect for fundamental concerns toward parenting. Lest we forget that it is the parenting factors of father and mother that raised us and introduced us into this world and showed us how to interpret our life and living skills. That introduced us to traditions socially and culturally. How would we know about our cultural backgrounds if it were not for mothers and fathers and grandparents to show us our traditions of all the other celebrated days culturally, socially and religiously? They nurture a perspective we can use in our lives to raise our own children. A perspective that allows us to at the least have a commonality in society whereby we can respect other families and their parenting choices and cultural traditions.

It is a time-out to recognize and say --Hey Dad and Mom I am glad that you were their to give me support and a structure of some kind. Whether we grew up in an atmosphere of material abundance, spiritual abundance, or simply a functional existence. We can acknowledge their part in the family and cultural mosaic. Even where we may have differences or departure with our own parents, is it not still acknowledged as a particular kind of value toward parenting as such that the place of Fatherhood and Motherhood is an important one.

To strip it down to extremely simple terms: Who was it that concerned themselves with feeding and sheltering us? Myself I am glad that my parents were caring about the lives of their children; teaching, nurturing, providing and passing on cultural traditions. Times were not always perfect but provisions were made.

It can be a time to become unified again and remember and recognize that the institution of family exists. The activity of practicing Father's Day gratitude and acknowledgment varies among individuals. It may be a simple card, a phone call, text or message or even some kind of offering; but when the activity occurs it can have some meaning for both parties. In our vastly busied world it can be a comforting thought and feeling to step outside the box and say --Hey Dad I am glad you were there.

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G.Thomas was educated at the University of Toronto and has experienced involvement in many belief system practices throughout the years. He has worked as an English Tutor and Counselor. He has experience working in the Health Food Retail industry and has read extensively about nutritional supplements and diet. G.Thomas is well versed in practical philosophies and writings. He has had experience in studying metaphysics, epistemology, objectivism, Christianity, Scientology, Zen Buddhism, Atheism, Montessori Method of schooling, 12-Step Programs, Addiction Rehabilitation, Martial Arts and Constructive Living (D.K.Reynolds.) His sociological study continues and the website is concerned with Mindful Self Improvement Practices and Beliefs. He presently resides in Ontario,Canada and continues with writing pursuits and sociological studies. Have a quick read if you will, my site. Regards, G.Thomas