As a nurse practitioner in a busy family practice office, fatigue is a very frequent complaint even if it’s not the major reason for the visit. Our current lifestyle, with juggling work, family, community commitments and leisure, can rob our energy. At times stressful situations and people drain our energy. Barring there are not major health reasons for the fatigue there are natural ways to increase your energy. Eating healthy and using supplements can make an enormous difference in the way you feel and live. We all want to live energetically to do the things we need and want to do. There are other ways to increase your energy naturally (see below).

If the fatigue has persisted for more than 2 weeks, be sure to see your health care practitioner to rule out any physical or emotional causes that can be corrected by medical therapies or medication. In the meantime you can try out the natural remedies.

• eat live food everyday (fresh fruits, vegetables, raw nuts & seeds),
• decrease processed foods, fast foods and caffeine intake
• water intake 8-10 glasses daily
• daily multivitamin (with Iron for women)
• Omega 3s (fish oil, flaxseed or evening primrose oil)
1,000mg (women) 2,000mg (men)
• Sunlight--15-30 minutes daily without sunscreen
• Sleep 7-9 hrs nightly, 1-2 nights a week go to bed early
• deal with stress via: exercise, prayer, meditation, yoga, tai chi,
massage, acupuncture, relaxing music, counseling
• live with passion i.e. do things that you really enjoy
• deal with emotional issues (major source of energy drain)
• seek and develop loving relationships
• minimize contact with energy-draining people
• spend time in nature
• connect to your Creator

My life is pretty full. I like being busy and I want to have the energy to live my full life. I have incorporated the natural remedies in my life. Another one of my secrets to living well and living energetically is the Ningxia Red Energy Drink. Not like the commercial energy drinks full of caffeine and sugar, this drink increases energy at the cellular level with powerful anti-oxidants. The cell contains mitochondria which are the powerhouses of energy. Start with live foods and an energy drink to boost your energy. For more information click here and to order click here.

All the best in health and wellness,

Brenda Stephens

Author's Bio: 

Brenda Stephens is a family nurse practitioner and health & wellness consultant. She is passionate about living health, promoting wellness and enriching the spiritual lives of others.