When it comes to fat loss for women, it can be a pretty unforgiving world indeed. Just about every magazine you pick up has some shapely starlet on the cover looking slim and toned in a beautiful designer gown, or one that's featuring about how a popular actress must've gained a few pounds based on some recent unsightly photos taken of her. These body images that women are forced to endure on a regular basis can be harmful and lead to unhealthy exercise and eating habits in some women who try to look like the Hollywood stars they see every day.

The key to effective and consistent fat loss for women, though, is less about eating less than it is about eating right and exercising. The goal is to get your body into a state in which it wants to burn fat on its own and make proper eating habits second nature for you. Below are some fat loss tips for women to make the journey to fat loss an easier one indeed.

Eat smaller, eat often-we've all heard about eating fewer meals more often throughout the day but what is behind this recommendation? Well, when your body is introduced to food it begins to work on processing it. Calories are actually burned during this process helping to kick the fat burning process into gear as well. If you starve yourself, your body will fight to maintain whatever body fat it currently has and will become more efficient at turning the food it does receive into fat as it perceives it must do this in order for you to survive. Eating small meals more times throughout the day allows your body to continually work to burn calories thus speeding up the process of fat loss.

Skip the sugar, bring on the fat-this fat loss tip can be scary to some women, but if you check out the science behind it, then adopting this one may be truly helpful indeed. A diet that is high in fat and low in sugar can help induce your body into a state called ketosis, which simply means that your body is burning fat instead of other sources of energy. This will allow your body to burn the fat it does eat and in turn become more effective at burning your existing stores and using those for energy as well.

Bodybuilding for beauty-the fact is, muscle burns twice as many calories as fat but it takes up half the space. Fat molecules are not as dense as those of muscle so therefore two people could weigh the same exact weight and the one with more fat would appear much larger than the one with more muscle. Working out with weights and building muscle can be extremely helpful in your goal for fat loss. Don't worry about looking too bulky as this is not likely to happen. Instead, your body will begin to burn your stores of fat while you increase your muscle mass and you will stay about the same size or even appear to get smaller even though your weight might be about the same as when you started. Adding more muscle to your frame is one of the easiest and most successful fat loss tips for women.

So if you're looking to get into this year's hot bikini and hit the beach, please pay attention to these re-fat loss tips for women. Eat 4 to 6 small meals throughout the day, remove as many sugars from your diet and instead focus on fats and proteins, and maintain a rigorous exercise program including weight training builds muscle and you will be well on your way to some serious fat loss.

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http://www.MrFatLoss.com , aka, Emile Jarreau is 31 year veteran fitness professional and co-owner of M2FtinessPros.com in Long Beach, California. Also having 19 years of bodybuilding and figure coaching and previous NPC judging experience, he specializes in fat loss and all its aspects and freely shares online resources to the world.