A fatty liver grow due to a variety of factors. Obesity, pregnancy, too much intake of alcohol, and poor eating habits are just some of them. One of the liver’s functions is to break down the fats that are brought in from the stomach.

However, problems occur when too much fat than it can break down reaches the liver. These fats will just build up and infiltrate the liver cells. Anything that the body takes in can either worsen or lessen the damage in the liver. To help deal with the situation, fatty liver diet guide should be made and followed.

Since fatty liver can’t be cured but possible to reverse, a healthy diet would be a great help. Everything that the body consumes will pass through the liver. So if the body takes in foods that are not good for the health, it means that the body especially the liver is in danger of being damaged.

Eating fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamins and minerals preferably manganese, selenium, vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12 would do well for they can help in the development, metabolism and growth as well as medium in the production of energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Diabetes can develop fatty liver as well because if the blood sugar level is high it also means that there is an increase in the cholesterol level. So the sufferer should avoid drinking sweetened drinks and foods like ice cream, sodas, and jams. Instead have fresh fruits as part of your diet to satisfy your sweet tooth. And stop consuming sodas instead, drink a lot of water to help you eliminate the toxins that has been in your body.

Do not include foods like dairy products, butter, processed meats, avocados, cakes, cookies, turkey, egg yolks and chicken for they are high in saturated fats. The body still needs to comply with the fat intake daily requirement so it is recommended to cook vegetables and chicken using olive oil.

Foods that are rich in fiber like non-starchy vegetables, whole grains for instance barley, red, purple or brown rice, oats, spelt, flaxseed, rye, amaranth and fruits are good for the fatty liver. However, some starchy vegetables like beets, carrots, peas and corn needs to be taken in moderately. Potatoes, parsnips and white rice are not to be included in this diet because they have high GI.

This fatty liver diet guide should be followed by anyone suffering from such disease in order to not worsen the damage done to the organ. This diet should go with daily exercise and complete abandonment of alcohol intake for a better health.

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Alvin Hopkinson is a leading natural health educator. Fatty liver disease is reversible. Discover how you can reverse the condition using proven and effective fatty liver diet, all without using harmful and expensive medications. People who read this article also read: How to Treat Fatty Liver