For a long time wild animals were killed for their beautiful pelts which were coveted for the excellent rugs they made. With continued pressure from animal rights lobby groups this cruelty against animals was eventually stopped. Working with synthetic materials, designers were able to create faux fur that replicated the look and feel of real animal pelts and thus everyone can now enjoy the same coziness associated with real animal fur. Simulated cheetah and bear pelts are currently the most sought after animal print rugs. The deep white, brown or black colors of faux bear pelt and the exotic gold and dark brown colors of cheetah print rugs are simply irresistible.

Bear print rugs are loved because they are extremely thick; you will just love sinking your feet into them. They are available in splendid designs which are perfect for your living room, study or library. They are available in colors such as snowy white, bamboo, classic brown, classic black and classic grizzly. The black or brown imitation bear pelt will provide your interiors with an appealing rustic look when placed by the fireplace. They can also create a romantic and warm atmosphere when deployed in the bedroom. For the children’s bedroom, the white bear pelt will provide a warm and cozy surface for them to play or snuggle on. Bear print area rugs can also be placed on the walls to add that luxurious and rich look to your home’s interiors.

Cheetah print rugs add an exotic element to just about any interiors ranging from hostel rooms, studio apartments, ordinary family homes, or condos. With its golden and black spots, the simulated cheetah pelt gives the home a new and interesting set of motifs. The vibrant colors recreate the wild outdoors in your indoors, meaning that these rugs are particularly appealing to nature lovers. The soft alteration of the golden and brown spots is wildly luxurious and brings to your bedroom or living room a rich exquisite look. You can choose softened tone cheetah print rugs to bring that look and feel of plush softness.

You can get your faux cheetah or bear pelt in a variety of designs, sizes and shapes. The main shapes of these animal print rugs are square, rectangular, round and pelt. Faux rugs are also loved because they are easily maintained; they won’t get harmed by machine washing or vigorous shaking to remove dirt. Bear or cheetah print rugs are far less pricy compared to the real animal fur rugs. While a faux bear rug may go for around $190, the real bear pelt is known to cost as much as $9,000.

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