This is all about facebook dating...getting any girl from facebook while using cocky funny pick up lines. Guys wonder if it is ever possible to pull off a nice one out of facebook, to some it is a mare fantasy but in reality it is possible to get any girl you want irrespective of her position, state or perspective. The woman follows if the presentation seems cool, women are looking for serious men and gone are the days when you walk up to a beautiful girl and say "hey I am really serious about wanting to date you, will you accept me?" Those are lame lines that simply won't work.

Women want you to be serious if you have to get them...and the best way to showcase seriousness is by behaving it. Do you think facebook dating is a mare fantasy or do you think it is possible to get any girl from facebook and other social sites? What do you think? Have you been so close before and she just managed to slip away? Did you try again? Or did you just give up, joined the bandwagon of impossibility thinkers...oh sorry, that's not you I know you are more than that.

The issue is how you can successfully curb any girl out of facebook without making lots of noise, without attracting much attention. This is the first general rules of dating, don't be too nice, don't be rude, use cocky funny pick up lines, they have been proven to work wonder and they just won't stop working. Of course, to start using facebook you would need an account with them, log on to facebook homepage and open an account.

Welcome to facebook dating while using cocky funny languages. First, take your time and look around make friends and keep looking around, don't go too wild, don't comment on every post, play it cool. the best way to pick up girls, whether from a club, street or restaurant is to use cocky-funny pick up lines. cocky funny styles are ways to talk and get hot women dangling on their knees - when a pretty girl steps on you unknowingly, you can say "hello pretty, I never knew I would run into an angel today" or you could grab her hands and go like "don't tell me this is your own method of getting hot guys like me to notice you, what happens to asking for my number and buying me a drink."

That's cocky funny...turning the table around, it is unfortunate that guys keep missing opportunities like that, some don't even know it is an opportunity, guys are somehow default programmed to just keep giving compliments - like it is the only thing that really mattered - when a girl says "we need to talk." Just think about it, has any girl ever said that to you?..."we need to talk" guys always think this means more but actually she is looking for ways to get you talking.

Women seldom start a conversation so when a lady says "we need to talk" there is a probability that she wouldn't say anything, she would come expecting you to talk. I know you want to know more about facebook dating and probably more about cocky-funny but I need to help you understand what cocky funny is all about and what it really does to pretty it is almost the only way to talk and get them cracking up. When a girl says we need to talk and says nothing, look straight into her eyes and say "I know you wouldn't have the boldness to tell me how much you love me and how fast you want to pay my bride price."

when walking into a restaurant with a pretty girl say something like "hey, I know how happy you must feel showing off the most handsome guy on earth with all this people watching, their replies are always something like" and who told you that you are handsome"...after much cracking up. Say something like "just so you know you need to out-performed other girls to be able to keep me" - comment like that gets women dangling on their knees - just because of the way you said it. You said it with boldness...and you are a serious guy, and the entire conversation was funny too. That’s what makes it work.

Also note that those sentences are different from mean statements.

Wanting to try facebook dating? "Hey, why are you on facebook, are you lost or hoping to get a chat with handsome guys like me" - when talking to a female co-worker you probably stumbled on facebook...that is cocky funny, the type she must reply to, and that's where it all begins

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