Amber is a popular baby products store. Many parent purchase amber necklaces for their children once they start teething. This is actually one of the most selling baby products from this store. However, do you as a parent know that there are really no scientific evidences to back the benefits of amber? I will get into the details so that you get a hint of what am talking about.

Amber jewelry is supposedly beneficial for babies especially when they are teething. However, I have not seen any scientific facts that support this claim. As a matter of fact, the necklaces can be hazardous to your baby and you should not even be putting that kind of a device around the baby’s neck. First of all, the amber necklaces are not safe for your baby and even FDA does not recommend their use. According to this organization, this device poses a choking risk to your baby.

The reason as to why the amber jewelry is not safe for your child is the fact that it can actually fall apart. These necklaces are poorly constructed and cannot possibly withstand all the stress subjected onto them when the baby is teething. They are easily susceptible to wear and tear. After a while, the necklace will break and the parts fall off. Your child can pick up these parts and put them in the mouth. This definitely puts the baby at a great risk of choking.

Teething rings are typically solidly constructed with only one piece of plastic used. This means that it cannot break or fall apart that easily. The amber necklaces are made just the same way as the normal necklaces and this is one reason to deem them unsafe. Furthermore, the highly advocated benefit of this teething device is that it’s natural and totally healthy for your baby.

The people behind the amber teething necklace claim that it has no harmful chemicals that might affect the baby. The chemical found in this teething device is succinic acid. They go further to say this chemical supposedly helps relieve teething pain naturally through the process of absorption. As much as it sounds like a good thing considering how stressful teething is to babies, it’s not true. There is really no scientific research done that proves this absurd claim.

In fact, FDA does not agree with any of the apparent benefits amber jewelry has on babies. For instance, the succinic acid functionality. The levels of absorption for succinic acid are high and occur at higher temperatures than that of the baby’s body. Therefore, this substance cannot possibly be released from the amber product. The baby body temperatures are too low for this.

Another point to note is that even if the baby’s mouth could reach temperatures as high as 200 Fahrenheit, the succinic acid would have become poisonous. In this case, it would still not be beneficial for the baby. The succinic acid concept is a fact but it can’t be relied upon. This is because it simply can’t be used in real life.

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