Yesterday I asked my guides for a little help. I asked them to help me understand fear better. I'm not talking about my fear of spiders or clowns, those are phobias. I mean real fear. The kind that keeps us stuck in place, stops us from going after what we want and seems to cloud our judgment.

I have become much more aware of fear lately. When you are trying to grow and open yourself up you really see how present it is and how much it sways your decisions and actions. So I turned to my guides and said, “Help me understand fear better. Help me live my life, make decisions and be me without it.” I stopped and listened and their response was “Be patient”.

Hmmm, ok. I'll take my impatient self and try to wait for the answer. You see these guides I have, they are always trying to teach me things and patience is one of them. Great, this is going to be two lessons in one. Ok, deep breath, the answer isn't coming right now. I'll go back to the other 1700 things I'm doing today.

That night the answer came to me while I was sleeping. These guides, they are so smart. They knew that they would need my full attention to deliver this, and that right smack in the middle of a busy day was not the time. So, as they always do when they need me to really focus they delivered me this beautiful message in a dream.

You can't live without fear. You just need to begin to process it differently. Fear is an important gauge of what is going on deep down, an alert to a lesson that needs to be learned or recognized. An important sign that growth needs to happen within you. Fear is your soul and mind conflicting about something. Your soul knows the right answer, your mind tries to protect you from any pain or hurt that might come from following what your soul says to do. This conflict triggers fear.

When you are faced with a decision, ask yourself the question you need to. The first answer comes from your soul. It knows the right path and the right decision and it always answers first. It answers quietly and it comes from your core. It doesn't need to shout or stir up emotions, it simply just tells you the right answer.

Fear answers second. It comes from your head and immediately elicits an emotional response. It shouts loudly and repeats itself over and over. It shows you scenarios where you feel pain. It is important to stop and analyze fear. What is it really pointing out? It's more than just the surface stuff. Look deep down within to see where this fear is really coming from. What are you holding on to that is causing this conflict? What do you believe deep down that goes in opposition of what you need to do?
What other experiences have you had that this same fear stopped you or held you back? What was the outcome?

There is no wrong decision. If you follow the answer that fear has given you, you will simply be given the same lesson again. The circumstances will be different but the lesson will be the same. There is no judgment, no harm in making a wrong decision. You will just not advance past this lesson. Life will keep handing you the same thing, the same lesson until you are ready and open to learn. Your life and your circumstances will stay as they are. Lessons usher in change. It is your decision to move forward and move on to the next lesson.

If you decide to follow your soul, fear will still keep trying to stop you in order to protect you from pain. If you decide that you don't want to face any pain or uncertainty then you will choose the fear path or let fear derail you from your lesson. You need to see fear as an indicator to look within and see what belief is holding you back.
If you begin to shift your thinking and decide to understand why you are afraid, fear will help you. Fear will become a simple sign that a lesson is upon you and it's time to look within and see where you need to grow. Soon, the fear answer will not seem so awful and consuming. In fact, it won't even feel like conflict anymore. It will feel like an indicator and a chance to grow. The choice to take on the lesson is always yours.

Start a Growth Journal. Write down what you are seeking an answer on. Note the soul response and the fear response. Look back at former decisions and see the similarity in the fear responses. What do they have in common? Note the decision you made, note its outcome. Start to see the patterns. What did you do and how did you react when it went really right? What did you do and how did you react when it went really wrong? How about somewhere in between?

Pay attention, learn and grow. Seek help when you need it and help others when you can. Your path is beautiful and perfect no matter which was you go.

This message was too beautiful and amazing not to share. Ok, I'm off to start to a Growth Journal.

Lots of LOVE,

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