Fear Is My Friend!
(Part One)
Fear is my friend…opening my heart, eyes, spirit, chakras, body, cells and mind; fear edifies, admitting real first-truths and expanding astute revelations. http://www.cowboy-wisdom.com/audio-FearFriend.html

My fears are emotional energy in my internal landscape that broaden my boldness, inaugurating rainbow brilliance to embrace the innate canniness that I encompass, except when I overlook the emotional charge of my fears. With that, I am instantly in donnybrook in my inner identity, instigating my termite of turmoil into raising cane because I am locked and blocked in living the insane of the same; as I am stuck in the mundane because I wailed in fail, unwilling to book the look of wealth and success. Therefore, I now cherish my qualms to be calm, to famously book the look of wealth and success, releasing my titan of triumph with a new wave of peerless prudence. I instantly grasp with aspiring look to book my keenly focused eagle-eyed all-wise regality; to brilliantly broadcast:

I am the student of my journey! I am the master of my destiny!

I am the teacher of my own experiences to fathom my fears emotionally animate, real, insightful enlightenment - because my fears are my first expressive admiration of my iron-will to embark upon my journey. My journey is to fertilize my sagacity, to empathize that my fears are my friend which unties my thrill-seeking cowboy to realize I comprise the wise to live my dreams since I appreciate my dreams are alive and thriving. My dreams are driving me to unleash a new, vibrant vision of me dancing my ‘Divine celebration,’ seeing me walk out of my cave into Disneyland as I expand my sand to understand that everything in life is a mystery of unrefined wisdom.

So now: I engage, expand, energize, and bring forth enterprise within my skin to experience life with gallivanting gallantry by unsheathing my galvanizing gusto. So now: you and I go on a journey of fear is my friend.
With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
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