We could have been trying accomplish something great in order to move forwards in our lives but yet we always seem to hit a wall. It could seem that we are just really unlucky or cursed.

For example we could have had several attempts in wanting to make it to the next level in a relationship but after a great start, everything seems to fall apart.

It could be that every time we meet someone that we truly like, we can never make it far. Either because we think obstacles get in the way or we blow it.

It could be that we've had many attempts to make that career change and achieving financial success, but it never really happens. Things may have looked very hopeful at first but yet we end up falling back into our routine jobs.

Along the process of trying to make our desired changes happen, whatever it might be, the luck just wasn't on our side. We may have great ideas and everything else, but then as things don't go our way, we get discouraged and are reminded of the pattern that we have been living. This can be very frustrating, especially when we don't know why, yet have been trying to figure it our for a long time.

In each attempt to make that big change, we may have tried to change our mindsets, looked at things differently and tried different habits in believing that "this time" it's going to happen.

What really happens here is that in order to achieve the next level in our lives, we are challenged to grow, to evolve out of our fears. The times we really grow in our lives is when we can overcome our fears. Therefore in order to really change the outcomes of our lives we are challenged to change our karma first. It could be said that it is the will of the universe.

In order to find happiness, we have to find it from within first. This is an obvious statement but sometimes we can forget the importance of this.

As we are going through the process of making the big changes in our lives, we are challenged to overcome our fears many times over. As the law of attraction may work for us on the positive side, we also attract our fears. We have to understand that we have to take on these challenges. Overcoming fear will set us free and give us the wisdom and power to overcome the obstacles in our way. Yet, after we overcome them we know that things are going to work before they happen. We realize what was lacking in us and that fear was preventing it.

Now the big question is how do we conquer our fears? There are ways we are probably used to and that can take quite a long time over a gradual process. That is because we spread the hard work over a long period of time. There is a way to face our fears directly and conquer them in moments!

We live in a society where we are conditioned to think and reason about everything. Fear is not rooted in our minds therefore we can't get to the source this way. As a matter of fact our compulsive thinking is our tool not to feel the fear.

To effectively conquer fear, we have to use our feelings that is in our bodies because that is where our fears are. Fear is a feeling that can drive negative thoughts. This fear has energy and we have to learn to use this energy to take us directly to its source. When we understand this we can heal ourselves of almost anything in a short amount of time.

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I have worked on recently conquering most of my fears in a short time as I have been searching for years how to do so. There were things that I wanted to change about myself that were caused by my fears but I really thought that this was a huge struggle. Not anymore! I also wanted to be an author in this field when I would figure out a way to put everything together.
I consider myself an expert in this field as I have been consistently working on my ideas to conquer fear and the ego for over ten years now.

I have created a simple manuscript to guide us into freeing ourselves. For more info on my work, please visit