“But off course” you may say “all men are afraid of commitment and by the time I drag him to the alter I’ll be 80…” So, first off, you can always get a new body and start fresh in your next incarnation, in case you won’t marry by 80… secondly, usually there is a good reason when someone is terrified of commitment and it’s usually buried a few centuries back, in a past LIFE.

Helen had an interesting one: smart, charming, attractive, full of life 28 years old woman. Her loving man, of the past 3 years, doesn’t want to get married. Her circle of friends is divided into two groups: Those who say “he’ll ripen with time” and the other who says: ”send him to hell and get a serious one”.

I asked her to relax her body, her breath and imagine a white light gradually filling up her body. She started relaxing and I could sense there’s a great story awaiting us because her openness to deal with the situation.
She started by describing a small Louisiana town in 1853. She is happily married and has 3 kids. Who is she married to? You got it right, to our stubborn marriage-refusing guy. They love each other a lot. Great deal of affection in the morning, when the husband leaves for work and a warm welcoming wife and model mom, when he returns home at night. His job id delivering water all around the county, in his wagon.

One night he is unusually late. The wife’s heart hints something is wrong. A knock on the door confirms the worst. The husband was killed. He happened to drive by a local pub, while two drunken men got into a gun fight.
The wife collapses, when she hears the details. Later, she raises the kids on her own, dealing with the hardship and pain. She never hooked up with another man. Something inside her died with him.

She dies at 70. I asked her what did she intend to learn in Louisiana. She replied:" emotional dependency”. She had to keep on living despite the fact she lost her bigger-than-life love. I asked her to ascend to the light and tell me what happens after she left her old body behind. She described a heartfelt reunion with the soul that was her husband in Louisiana. She could re experience their wonderful love. She said she is so happy, like “floating in the air…”

I explained that after we die, we have a wider perspective of the life we just left, and of our current situation. I asked her to shed some light on her relationship today.
She said they had incarnated together many times before, working on different lessons. In the current life, the guy does have a fear stemming from the Louisiana life. She realized he is afraid of marrying her this time around, dying at a young age again, leaving her behind, emotionally wrecked. Alive but dead on the inside. So his fear of commitment is not about losing his freedom but an attempt to protect her.

We did a retro healing; releasing her from the emotional dependency she experienced in 1853, reassuring her she can and will move on if something happens to him.
When she opened her eyes she was shocked. Now she could see the situation in a whole new light. They did meet before, had a great loving relationship that was lost in a split second and it’s not that the guy doesn’t love her enough; he loves her too much…

A few months later I got a phone call from her telling me the set their wedding date for next spring.
I wished them great love and luck.

Author's Bio: 

Orly Arava is a spiritual life coach.
She is an experienced Past Life therapist, Reiki master and a Hypnotist specializing in Past Life regression and discovery.

Science is a main interest for Orly and her high school years were dedicated to the study of biology, chemistry, physics and math. For her, just like in science, there’s a good reason and a purpose for everything in the universe. Including the human behavior.

Staying in a toxic relationship, sabotaging ourselves financially or not finding our soul mate all of serve a deeper purpose. Uncovering the reasons why we bring upon ourselves such hurdles, is the key to healing.

Orly sees regression therapy as a collaborative detective work. You own the information, and subconsciously, the reasoning and the tools for healing. Her job is to help you see the patterns, connect the dots and let go of the past.