In all types of online marketing like MLM, network marketing, affiliate marketing and so on, most people quit without success. They may have spent thousands or at least hundreds of dollars, countless hours and still they did not survive. And the number one reason is that they suffered from lack of consistency! And I believe their fear of commitment was the real reason behind it.

What is Fear Of Commitment?

Anyone running a ”normal” business know that you have to work consistently with your planned tasks every day. No matter what your would ”like” to do, right? You need to force yourself to do the mundane tasks. But when it comes to online marketing, there is a delusion that you only need to do the fun stuff and just when you feel like it. Somehow a lot of people in this ”industry” shows a fear of commitment that strongly prevents from becoming successful.

Anyone running a business, no matter if you sell hamburgers for a large chain, or work as a lawyer, you need to take a personal responsibility for your business and your actions. And it gets even more important running a home business. OK, I agree that I like to sleep as long as i like in the morning, and I do not have to worry about dress code, but I have to commit to what I promised myself when I wrote down my goals, and I have to get over any fear of commitment and do all my tasks consistently if I have decided to live and prosper on my home business.

Some people need inspiration to get things done. And of course, it is always easier to take action when you are inspired, but the inspiration is not always there. You may decide to skip today's marketing actions, wait until tomorrow with your next blog update, and Fine! It will not have an immediate impact in your wallet. But you are telling your mind that it is OK, to skip some tasks when there is a lack of inspiration. And THAT will hurt you in the long run. So you need to overcome your fear of commitment, and take action. Promise yourself that no matter what, you will do the tasks that sometimes are so boring, but when your results starts showing up, you will thank yourself that you stayed with them.

One way to get over your fear of commitment

Your mind always need some external inspiration. It may be a quote you find on Facebok or an inspirational book. THere are many books to choose from. One that is often mentioned is Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. You will find that for free as a member of SelfGrowth.

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Per-Erik lives in a beautiful mountain village in Northern Sweden. He started his career with two decades inside the Swedish Space Industry. Initially as a Ground Control Engineer and Project Manager, later moving towards Business Development based on Space Technology spin-offs. After starting up two successful Web shops, he came across Internet Marketing and decided that this was the new path for his future occupation. His technical background combined with a strong entrepreneurship, has been proven successful, and he is now working full time helping companies and individuals to build a strong online presence and lasting results. Per-Erik is also a Senior Partner at Gate One Marketing.
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