Fear of criticism is like kryptonite to any budding sports star, business person, leader, or entrepreneur.

Fear Of CriticismIt has the capacity to drain a person’s confidence and self-esteem easily, deterring them from ever moving forward in life and achieving their most desired goals

Criticism can either be internal, through your inner voice, or externally through the opinions and views of other people.

Whatever the source, criticism can have serious ramifications to the person on the receiving end.

Some of the negative effects criticism has on individuals include:

a. Abandoning your dreams and goals, in preference to just being part of the crowd.

b. Playing it too safe by aspiring to achieve just the ordinary as opposed to aiming for the exceptional.

c. Being overly-defensive when people of good and sound intentions offer constructive feedback and helpful advice.

d. Become introverted and hold back on giving your opinions or contributing new ideas in order to avoid criticism or rejection.

The fear of criticism is one of the most common fears that prevent people from achieving their goals.

Napolean Hill, in his classic book “Think and Grow Rich” wrote:

“People refuse to take chances in business, because they fear the criticism which may follow if they fail. The fear of criticism, in such cases, is stronger than the DESIRE for success.”

Can you relate to this?

Has the fear of criticism been your insurmountable barrier to achieving the success and life you want?

If so, here are 7 steps you can take to help you overcome this fear:

1. FORGET PERFECTION- Aiming for perfection is impossible, unrealistic. Instead aim for being the best you can be at that particular time.

2. CHANGE YOUR INNER CHAT- As I’ve mentioned earlier, a source much of the criticism often comes from ourselves. Make a conscious effort to erase our negative inner dialogue and replace it with one that’s more positive, encouraging and uplifting.

3. AVOID PROCRASTINATING- Procrastinating is a very common problem when we have a fear of something. Procrastinating ultimately means you are wasting valuable time in realizing your goals. The time you have wasted has gone forever.

There will never be a PERFECT time to go after what you want.

There is no time like the present.

The best time is NOW.

4. CONSIDER WORST CASE SCENARIOS- Look the fear in the face and start thinking of the worst things that can happen if you get a little criticism. Will it kill you? Probably not. Will you live? Probably yes. So try to focus on all the positives of overcoming this fear and finally realizing and fulfilling your goals. Think of how much better and wonderful your life will be when you accomplish all what you’ve set out to achieve

5. MAINTAIN YOUR FOCUS. The fear of criticism can cause you to abandon your dreams which consequently results in failure.

Constructive feedback and helpful advice from people you trust and value should be taken on board, but be aware of people who’s motives are purely to scupper your plans. The negative thoughts and opinions of your detractors should be ignored and your focus should just be on the end goal.

6. NEVER QUIT.- Don’t be so influenced by the negative opinions and criticisms of others that it causes you to quit on your dreams.

If you quit, that little voice saying ‘what if” will gnaw away at you for many many years to come. Once you quit you’ll NEVER have a chance to win.

Remember this saying by Napoleon Hill : “A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.”

7. SELF-CONFIDENCE- Having confidence in yourself and your abilities is key to achieving success. Exude confidence and a determination to pursue and accomplish your goals regardless of what people say or think.

Whatever walk of life you’re in you’re always going to subject to criticism. Criticism is one of the basic tendencies of human nature.

I was the subject of criticism all through my professional rugby career, but what I’ve learned to understand is that if people are criticizing you, it almost never about you, but more about them.

I believe these people feel threatened and intimidated that you have more courage than them to stand out a little and aspire to reach your goals and improve your life.

Your time is now. Use the steps above to overcome and banish the fear of criticism forever so that your true infinite potential can finally be unleashed to the world.

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Fear of criticism is problem that many people find difficult to overcome. It's also an insurmountable barrier that stops many people from realizing their true potential. Learn the steps to overcome this fear so that you can move forward in life and finally achieve your most desired goals.