Fear of Public Speaking Phobia: Overcoming Public Speaking Phobia

To be a leader, it is necessary to speak in public today. It is a very natural thing to be scared to address a group of people, even if you know them very well. Public speaking need not be stressful for you at all. There are certain key principles which one can use, and this could enable you to make it a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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Preparation Helps to Ease Public Speaking Fears

Knowledge about your topic and preparation helps greatly in easing a person's public speaking fears. In Toastmasters, your first speech (known as the Icebreaker) is always about yourself, a topic that hopefully - you know a lot about. This helps new people relax and get used to standing and presenting in front of an audience. Once you get your first speech under your belt, you begin to choose more difficult topics where you may have to do some research and preparation. It helps to practice your speech in front of family or friends or even in front of the mirror.

Use Humor to Relate to Your Audience

If you're comfortable, you can use humor to relate better to your audience and draw them into your speech. It will make you feel more relaxed as well. Another technique for successful public speaking is the use of anecdotes or stories to get your point across. Anecdotes and stories are also easier to remember when delivering your speech and will help you to relate to your audience.

Speak to Your Audience the Way You Would To One Person

In public speaking, you need not be overly formal. If you deliver your speech as if you are talking to just one person, it will help to calm your nerves. Imagine that you are talking to a trusted and loving friend. Confident public speaking takes practice and a great way to get that practice is to join a local Toastmasters group.

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Anxiety attack has one particular characteristic which is horrifying to its victims. That particular characteristic is its being unpredictable. This you are uncertain as to when or where the anxiety attack might transpire. This causes anxiety attack victims to worry constantly and perform less productively on their tasks.

What is more bothering is that anxiety attacks usually occur in an unexpected time and place. Once it strikes it leaves victims with no choice but to isolate themselves from the crowd, destroying their efforts of building social relationships and completing daily tasks.

Based on these stated facts, it appears that this tackled problem is taking control of each of its victims' lives. However, humans are far more superior than anxiety attack so there's no way that we can't fight it.

Yes, anxiety may take control of our lives but once we take a step on solving this said dilemma, it will surely be tamed if not eliminated. You are given several choices on how to tame anxiety attack. It is up to your decision as to which option you would want to use. There are medications around the market and there are natural therapies readily available for you to apply to your life.

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But if you are looking for the most effective option, I would say choose natural treatments. They are more effective in the sense that they totally eliminate anxiety. More importantly, they don't give you any side effects. Instead, they give you highly positive results. An absolute cure to your anxiety, an assurance of anxiety attack free living and a better lifestyle.

Undoubtedly, the use of different natural therapies results to a happier life. There are actually different strategies related to natural treatments. The most common and most important are as follows: One, get rid of alcohol and caffeine as they are great factors on having anxiety attack; two, observe a protein rich diet for they contribute a lot towards re-building your weakening brain; three, drink plenty of water because it is essential to the body; four, exercise more often to shed anxiety out of your body; five, get a quality sleep as it helps strengthen your nervous system. Lastly, try the cognitive brain training which makes you regain control over your life.

Following all of these things certainly leads you to a good and healthy way of life. A life that is free from any unpredictable attacks. A life that is geared towards productivity. A life that is full of vitality and happiness.

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How to control anxiety is as important as life itself. Many people already know just how people suffering from anxiety are prone to lose their sanity, and how some are opting for suicide already. Things may not be so easy; this is also a given fact, and indeed, controlling something is one of the most difficult things to do. However, as other things have illustrated how efficient control can be in order to prevent certain things from happening, even in personal application, control can also be that effective.

How to control anxiety indeed should be discussed with a psychologist, or psychiatrist. While a lot of people suffering from anxiety are open about it and thus can discuss it with other people, scheduling a consultation with a psychologist or psychiatrist is of not much of an issue, there are also quite a number of people who are not open about it and don't think they can take needing to discuss it with other people other than those that they trust most. Indeed, for some, specifically those who are suffering from inferiority issues, or anti-social issues, this might be a problem.

This is where references for self help in how to control anxiety come. The following are just some tips in controlling anxiety.

o During an attack (this may be really difficult at first), try your best to calm yourself. Yes, psychologist can suggest practices that can help one in lessening their burst of emotions.

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o "Mind over matter." Even if the effect of something to someone is so great, one is still able to cope, and this is actually a matter of choice.

o As much as possible, try to avoid thinking about the cause or causes. If this is not possible, at least be sure to have enough time where you will also be busy thinking about other things. As for example, after a broken relationship, reading books (not romantic stories, of course!) can help, going out and trying new things with those you love and trust the most. In short, yes, avoid the cause or causes. As much as possible, avoid anything that will remind you of the cause since you will only get hurt. Time will indeed come that anything related to the cause or causes will have almost no effect, but while the psychological effect is still great, it is advisable that you prevent yourself from getting hurt all the time.

o Don't result to overstressing yourself. This will not help, in fact this will only contribute to the causes of your anxiety, and thus your situation may even get worse! A lot of people suffering from anxiety result to overworking themselves just to "forget", however this is wrong as they do not really forget. They are only avoiding facing the truth, or situation, and once they think about it, the effect is still the same and lessens slowly with this type of resort.

It is highly advisable to visit a psychologist. They are the professionals in this field and can give better suggestions depending on your situation.

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The fact that natural treatments could definitely eliminate anxiety makes it more effective as compared to medication. Anxiety drugs only lessen the problem instead of eradicating it.

Anxiety attack when left unattended may get worst and this calls for a complete healing rather than settling on a short term medication.

Embracing the idea of applying natural treatments as a cure against anxiety is a great move. Take this big leap for you to experience a more productive life. After all, natural treatment promises not just zero anxiety attack, it also assures you of a better if not best standard of living.

Assessment of a list of activities that may contribute to a complete and balanced plan against Anxiety could be considered as your first step. You don't even have to make it hard of yourself. Simple healthy routines are the best activities to include in your list. Activities such as: exercise, deep breathing, healthy meal, good rest and many others.

Second step would be eradication of negative elements that obviously contribute to anxiety attack. Negative elements come in many forms; alcohol and caffeine are just two examples of it. This step may be hard to start with but just bear in mind that this will be for your own benefit.

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The third step is somehow related to the second step, which is watching your own diet. Diet here doesn't mean less eating rather healthy eating habit. Add plenty of fruits and vegetables on your diet for they are good sources of healthy substances essential to our nerves.

Next step which is the most vital is getting a good sleep. Try to establish a regular sleeping pattern and choose a good sleeping environment. Remember that sleep is such an important factor towards solving your anxiety attack problems.

In addition to all of these suggestions, entertain good relaxing techniques. You don't have to do them regularly. Rewarding yourself of a relaxing activity at least once a month would be of great help, this may include: meditation, spa, sauna and the likes. Exercise is also one important thing to consider as it keeps your body fit and it keeps anxiety out of your system.

All of the above mentioned steps sum up to what we call as natural treatment. If you are in dire need of getting your healthy and normal life back, go ahead and start implementing these easy to follow steps into your life. I could not promise you of an easy process, though. For it actually depends on your own dedication and determination. Keep in mind that the success of this whole process of anxiety attack elimination starts with you.

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