Fear is a natural phenomenon. It is as natural as elation, excitement and rush or sadness. Fear only becomes a reason for concern when it impedes in your daily living, when it prevents you from achieving, expressing, earning or conducting your daily living with a free bent of mind. Extenuated fear takes the form of anxiety disorders, panic attacks or severe phobias. There is no real explanation to where this fear develops, where it matures or how it surfaces. Everyone get fearful, anxious or phobic about some or the other trivial thing in life, for no real reason. People are born with the phobia of heights, insects, blood etc. Phobias are nothing but extreme form of fear germinated due to extreme anxiety over something. Most commonly classified categories of fears are:

• Acrophobia- fear of heights
• Aqua-phobia-fear of water
• Atychiphobia- fear of failure
• Claustrophobia- fear of closed spaces
• Fear of Flying
• Social Anxiety Disorder-fear of expression
• Fear of Being Left Alone
• General Anxiety Disorder- anxiety over nothing
• Social Phobia- fear of being out in the public
• Fear of Failure
• Many more…

Around one billion people are suffering from some sort of anxiety disorder, which means one in every seven people across the world is suffering from severe anxiety! Yet, there are a few who brush it off saying “it’s all in the heads”. Practitioners attribute all of it to stress, and tension in daily life. Our day to day life has become so highly complicated these days that it is actually difficult to not get worried or heavy with anticipation. The environment, one’s body and mind are crucial factors in shooting up stress levels in a body. For our subconscious, severe fears or a phobia is accumulated layer of emotions stored in an unexplained negative experience of some span in the past.There are many such past lives one lives, and accumulates fears, disinterests, opinions or assumptions from.

Fears that cannot really be explained with a reason also have their roots in one’s past lives. For example, an X cannot really decipher why he is so scared of water. It could be possible that he might have died in a flood or committed a suicide by jumping into water in his previous life, and it is finding expression in the form of severe aqua-phobia during this lifetime. Another common example that everyone must have witnessed around them: a person who starts stammering in public presence. It is nothing but an acute and deep seated social anxiety disorder, since speech disorders and anxiety go hand in hand. Similarly, we have also met quite a few clients who have extreme aversion to blood, fire, milk, animals. These are phobias. Commonly, it does not get as bad that we would make ourselves completely housebound to shun social presence or that we would not enter even our own house alone, to avoid facing the darkness. Though it is possible that people may get over their phobias without any external intervention, or may confront their fears and face them by themselves, but for the rest we suggest therapy plus perhaps a combination of medication that may be the best solution.
We claim that it can be controlled with therapy over a period of time. Each one of us could change the way we look at things, polish our perspectives to positivity and widen our scope of understanding. With the help of new age therapies like Past Life regression and Serenity Surrender, one can gently unfold that layer of mind, which holds past memories of the incident that springs unknown feat or social anxiety in our current lives. It is quite karmic actually, for one attracts life situations (also termed problems) to face the fear that lies hidden in one’s subconscious mind due to some grave memory of the past. It is only by experiencing such life conditions will we be able to face our fears, and stress, bring it to surface and eventually be able to release it, thus, subconscious draws these situation in our present lives as well with the only purpose of getting rid of them.

At healing cottage, we have gently tapped at many cores, helping many to face their fears and removing the scars from the subconscious gently. Past life Regression therapy is really helpful and highly effective in removing these fears gradually and persistently. The most important thing to know is that there is help available, including therapy and medication, and phobias can be controlled, if not cured. Getting rid of the trapped emotions, or traumas result in taming the big beast as well; for en enquiry or an appointment, please write to us at enquiry@healingcottage.in.

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Erick Watson is professional Content Writer having experience in writing meaningful articles in Fears and Phobia and Depression Treatment.