Fear is not to be avoided. When in proper balance, it is to be welcomed as a guide and a friend.

Fear is an emotion that many of us strive to eliminate, or at the very least, hide. Fear, though, has an important function: it warns of the unknown and the possible dangers of something being difficult or dangerous. Fear allows us to pay attention, evaluate a situation and choose the appropriate action.

If we completely eliminated fear we would do dangerous, possibly fatal things without thinking it through properly. Of course, some people are overwhelmed or controlled by fear. The solution, however, is not to eliminate fear entirely but to bring it into proper balance.

Many people who are naturally gifted in the arena of the spirit world fear their skill and ability. Fear breeds in the unknown and a lack of understanding. We tend to fear ‘the unknown’. A lot of people ask me, “What if I see something bad?” Nothing is bad, so to speak; it is an opportunity to understand something or help someone along their path in life. The truth is, we all die. Some people leave earlier than others in life. Often the role for seeing something ‘bad’ is to help a person prepare for and understand their challenges.

Years ago, a young man came to see me. His girlfriend was desperate for some kind of hope. He had a brain tumour, a very large and aggressive one that was working its way deep into his brain tissue. He was having treatment and she was full of hope, wanting a psychic reading to tell them both he would make it through. As soon as he walked in, his soul energy was clear. He was going to be leaving his earthly existence. My role was to talk through some of the events he still had coming in his life, including the meeting with his long lost father who had left the family during his early childhood, something he believed to be impossible and unrealistic.

Six months later I had a letter from a friend of his. The friend told how the young man had died a very happy person in the arms of his long lost father and, indeed as I had said, the event had healed a huge family wound. The friend was thanking me for the help I had given that day. He explained how the young man had come to understand something about his role in life that he previously could not grasp. He had been bitter about his illness and being so ill so young. However, on his way home from the reading something began to make sense to him.

So, the question is: what I ‘saw’ all those months earlier, was it really ‘bad’, or was it about understanding a fear and processing the emotion into a state of balance?

Heidi Sawyer

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