One of the most interesting questions in a recent survey our we sent out from our school, The Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness, was about fear. We asked what do you fear most when considering developing your psychic abilities?

Here are some of the top responses.

1. Concerns about not being able to control what happens
2. Fear of seeing and hearing scary beings, images, negative energies
3. Not knowing what to tell people or how to talk about what you see and experience.

As a teacher, I can tell you these are common fears and perfectly reasonable to have considering the world we live in. However, when you decide to get to know yourself better as spirit you always discover more about your capability, your strength, your light and your authentic spirit. You gain confidence that you can handle these fears. And maybe even learn to laugh some of them away.

We live in a world where many people live in fear, live with fear or are controlled by fear. Fear doesn't just magically disappear from your life as you become more aware of or more senior to energy. You learn to accept the existence of fear, and not be controlled by it. You learn to see the fear as something separate from your truth and to walk through it. And you learn to see the fear for what it really is, something that is part of a control mechanism, like a programming that is there to influence your decisions. And yes, a lot of your fears are healed and released.

The psychic word we use as we to learn to handle fear is: SENIORITY. As a community of people who are learning to read energy and use our awareness to walk our spiritual path, sometimes we give ourselves a little boost by saying: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, if we are nervous before doing a reading. Fear is mostly an illusion, though it may feel terrible in the moment when our awareness has been enveloped in this emotional vibration. Clairvoyance and other tools help us discover what the fear is all about and release the erroneous information and move forward.

Fear is not the same as a warning signal from your intuition to proceed with caution, so I am not telling you to ever ignore your intuition. It's just that sometimes we are so paralyzed by fear that it's impossible to hear our inner voice. So, then it's a matter of learning tools that can help you clear yourself so you better access your own inner guidance and hear the wisdom of your own spirit. The more you increase your connection to your source of spiritual support and your higher self, the more you realize that the world really runs on LOVE. When you begin to turn your attention to all that is out there to support you, your fears can no longer control you.

Author's Bio: 

Francine Marie-Sheppard
Founder and Director
Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousenss