To manifest your hearts desires you must BE what your heart desires.-Joy Page

In the past I’ve FLED from doing many of the things that would allow me to manifest my desires because I’ve given in to Fear Lack Ego and Doubt. Of course, at the time I had no idea that’s what I was doing or why things weren’t working out as I thought they should.

As I came to understand the universal laws and that, we are ultimately in charge of our own destiny through our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs it began to make perfect sense. I’d literally been engaging in a form of self-sabotage any time things started to move in the right direction.

I’d let ego take over, make excuses about why I wasn’t deserving, or allow fear to control me. Not in an obvious way, but I remained stuck in my old habits and beliefs throwing up resistance to anything good. Then when I didn’t receive the thing or change that I pursued I’d feel this real sense of lack and pine for it.

Self-sabotage can be a very destructive thing. It can keep you from pursuing your goals. It can hold you hostage to a belief system that’s in such contrast to your core values you may never be able to move beyond it. Understanding how the choices you make based on your thoughts and feelings shape your life is the first step to ending this very destructive behavior.

You Ask But It’s Not Given

You set your intention and state it to the universe with purpose. It doesn’t matter what the intention is…to lose weight, find a better job, make more money, or to start your own business…it could be literally anything.

For the first few days or maybe even the first week, you take the steps necessary to manifest your intended desire. Things are right on track. Then just as the intention starts to replace an old belief with a new one out of nowhere comes this internal mêlée. You begin to feel resistance to your own intention.

It’s as though something inside is stronger than your intention. This is ego. It’s stepped up to the plate to throw you a high tight inside fastball that whizzes past you at 100 mph. You swing once and miss. Now you’re feeling it. Ego has done its job it has sent in the self-doubt.

This is where the negative self-talk starts and the old behaviors begin to repeat themselves. In the past, you’ve given in to it and FLED. Ego took charge. Ego’s job is to protect from that which is unknown, that which it sees as unsafe. Ego hates change and sees all change as a threat.

It likes to be in control and keep things status quo. The moment it senses a change could be on the way it panics. If not mastered ego can be your worst enemy. This in essence means you are your worst enemy!

Gaining Control

Ending this cycle of self-sabotage takes work, so the first thing you need to do is to get in touch with your feelings. Once you do, you’ll recognize when that first inkling of self-doubt creeps in. Realize that ego is at work causing the turmoil. It has started to resist the change and struggles against that which it cannot control.

This will last as long as you let it. That’s why it’s important to recognize this behavior as soon as it starts. If you cling to the old ideas, you’ll never manifest your intentions. You’ll never be able to hit that high inside fastball and you’ll strike out in life every time you step up to take a swing.

It’s a battle, to be sure. But the inner struggle will give way to a new awareness if you let it. You’ve faced this struggle many times, as you set new intentions. But now that you understand what drives such battles, don’t fear these conflicts. They’ll help you learn more about your core values and who you really are.

When you first begin to see the sign of self-sabotage kick in don’t panic. Take baby-steps in the beginning. Don’t criticize yourself for feeling this way or falling back into old behaviors. That only tends to reinforce Ego. Instead, make it a point to praise yourself for noticing. Do not engage in negative self-talk under any circumstances.

Make it a priority to meditate each day. Meditation will allow you to connect to your Source who can help you stay on the right path to realizing your intentions. Once connected to your Source only love and positive energy will flow your way.

By connecting to Source, you’ll also know whether the intention you’ve set really does meet with your core values. Stay focused and do not compromise with Ego. If you do, it will regain control very quickly. Ego will gladly take all the love and positive energy and turn it right back into negativity and self-doubt. And you’ll be back to square one before you know it.

Author's Bio: 

Shonda Taylor is a Life, and Success Strategist. Through her website she gives you the tools you need to understand and incorporate the principles of the Secret Universal Laws that encompass the Law of Attraction into your life. You’ll learn that what you perceive as Now is only a short stop on your true path through life. And, no matter where you are in life at this very moment, you’ll see just how easy it can be to move ahead and live the life you desire.