In this lesson I would like to explore the following questions. What is fear? What are our biggest Fears? and what fears should we look to overcome first? And Finally, I will present you with a session on overcoming your fears in a way that will probably be different than what you may expect.

OK,lets talk about the F word. The Primal fear is the fear of death and probably more so is the fear of dying forever, if you know what I mean. This is the deepest hardwired fear within every human being on the planet. Facing eminent death will cause the body to be completely consumed by fear, unless you have prepared in advanced to face it.
Can the fear of death be overcome? I believe it can. But working on overcoming the fear of death could be left for last, there are other important fears to conquer first.

So before we get into what fear we should have on your list to overcome first and foremost, lets examine what fear really is.

Fear is very simply the perception of losing something you desire. Let me say that again in many different ways to help drive it home. It is the perception that you will not get what you believe you need. It is the anticipation of pain due to the perception of being denied one of your basic human emotional needs i.e. the need to be; loved, accepted, respected, approved of, empowered and there are some others but lets keep this short. Fear is the defensive response from the subconscious mind protecting something you value directly or indirectly. Fear is believing that something you value is losing its value. Fear is believing that your personal value is losing its value in some way, shape or form. And if that was not enough, fear is the pain produced by the subconscious mind in response to the perception that something you desire and believe you need which will ultimately bring pleasure is being damaged or denied in some way. It is the physiological response produced by the subconscious mind when something we value is threatened. All of this is of course is controlled by our beliefs.

What comes up for most people if they anticipate failure? Essentially they will feel that one of their basic human needs are being threatened. For example, the need to be accepted and respected. Basically they will feel that they will judged negatively. Another very common perception is that they will waste their time and money, which threatens their basic human need to feel empowered. ( Fear of being dis-empowered)

Now I have a question for you. What basic human emotional need or needs do you believe that you need to "protect" in order for you to be fearless so you can move forward on your path to the success you desire.

For example, if you knew for sure that you will always be empowered (not waste time or money), that you will always be accepted and respected by everyone and anyone, would you GO FOR IT in a major way? Of course you would!

Great. Now that you are clear on what basic human need you need secured in order to be fearless in your pursuit of your goals, there is only one thing left for you to do. Do you know what that is? You guessed it! (I'm hoping) YOU PROVIDE ALL THOSE NEEDS TO YOURSELF!

Yes - only you can come from a place of respect and empowerment, only you can give this to you. No one else. Only you. It is always you! So. Don't expect others to respect you, respect yourself and others will respect you. Don't wait to be empowered by circumstances, empower yourself first and you will create empowering circumstances.

If you can provide yourself with what you value - you can eliminate fear because fear is created when your emotional values are threatened. You are going to make then non-threaten-able by transforming them yourself from the inside. That is it. It all comes down to the fundamentals. Providing and ensuring our basic and simple emotional needs ourselves - this is the key to fearlessness.

So what fear should you overcome first and foremost? Fear of rejection and/or fear of being yourself! That is my suggestion. I may be wrong, but only you could answer that.

Here is how you can help yourself overcome the fear of rejection by using the iMaster Techniques.

Assuming you have already read the manual or the introductory mini-course.You would simply work on accepting and respecting yourself. Just bring up in your mind a specific area in your life were you fear rejection and or being yourself.

Have it in mind? Once you have that in mind you can continue with the exercise below.

Ready. OK Here we go! Remember think of your challenging situation right now and only then read the session below with energy!

I really, really want to accept and respect myself in every way. YES YES YES!
I really, really want to accept and respect myself in every way. YES YES YES!
I really, really want to accept and respect myself in every way. YES YES YES!

I really, really accept and respect myself in every way right now. YES YES YES!
I truly accept and respect myself in every way right now. YES YES YES!
I accept and respect myself in every way shape and form right now. YES YES YES!

(now integrate heart and mind)

Everything I desire is safe in every way.
All is forgiven in every way.
I am unconditional love and forgiveness in every way.

OK, now lets for go for it, lets commit 100% heart and mind.
We must now use words the imply complete and permanent commitment if we
want our defensive responses (our subconscious) to "let go". Again think of the area in your life that you are working on. Good, now continue!

I will always love and respect myself infinitely in every way. YES YES YES!
I have always and I will always accept and respect myself in every way. YES YES YES!
I will accept and respect myself unconditionally now and forever - in every way. YES YES YES!

I have always been and I will always be unconditional love and forgiveness!
Everything I need will always be inside of me!
My personal value is infinite, it always has been - it always will be!

Now check your state and rinse and repeat if necessary. Hope that helped.

Author's Bio: 

Victtor DaPonte is creator of the iMaster Techniques and Heart Matrix Integration.
He has more than 20 years in the personal development field and currently runs seminars in Colombia, which include fire walks, sweat lodges and more. Get a Free Mini Introductory course of the iMaster Techniques here