There are many theories as to how mankind was originally formed, how we arrived on this planet, and where we are going after we leave here.
One possible theory as to how we were formed and arrived here, is that millions of years ago, some alien starship needed to dump its garbage somewhere. As they passed by our planet, their sensors could not locate any life, so they decided to drop their garbage here. And here we are today…like it or not, it is a possible theory.
A possible theory as to why mankind is still here, is that our entire universe is but a tiny particle in a “road apple” in a much larger universe. The only reason we are still here, is because a wagon wheel has yet to plow through the road apple. Who knows? No one can prove it isn’t a viable theory!
And for those of us who believe that, somehow, mankind is important to our universe, I offer this theory --- since, so far, we have not discovered any other life forms, perhaps we are actually some type of virus infesting a “living cell” of some type, which is part of an obviously much larger life form, in a much larger universe. And the only reason we are still around, is that they have yet to discover us. But the day they do, our telescopes may see what appears to be a giant needle heading our way, with an obvious purpose in mind. Personally, my happy self does not believe we are important to one blade of grass, let alone the entire universe…but that’s another article!
Being the living beings we are, we wonder about the unknown, we search for the unknown, and we sometimes fear what we may discover; but we still go right on wondering and searching. And in my book, that’s a good thing, even though we may fear our new findings.
Naturally, we fear many folks, places, and things. We fear the Hitlers, and other creepy bloby-things we may see walking our streets. We fear venturing into what is considered a bad part of a city, and we fear the tings that all those greedy folks in big business and our governments are going to come up with next.
There are those who prey on our fears. It’s possible that when the bow and arrow was invented, that folks feared it was the end of mankind, for now we could kill each other at a distance. And I’m sure folks felt the same way when guns were invented – and then along came machine guns. Next, it was bombs. And then along came June 6, 2006 – three sixes, which is supposed to the sign of the devil. And now comes May 12, 2012 (Not really sure of the date). That date is when the Myan calendar stops, and of course, some folks believe it will be the end of mankind. History is loaded with such dire predictions, and we are still here!
And now let’s attend to the one fear that almost every human being has, and that is what we refer to as death. Sooner or later, we all must face that fear. My happy self is not unique --- I too am apprehensive about dying. However; the main reason I do not wish to die, is because I will leave a wonderful son, daughter in-law, and friends behind.
Therefore, since I do not believe religion’s version of the trip through the ebony tunnel, I looked to science for a possible positive angle. Well folks, yours truly found one…drum roll please!
In science, the possible positive side, is referred to as “time dilation”, which is a proven scientific fact…the faster one travels, the more time slows down for that individual. In other words, everyone’s time is different! Therefore, according to my logic, we can believe that the “time” on the other side of the ebony tunnel, is a lot different than ours. So when we arrive on the other side, and from our view-point, only a few minutes will pass before we see those we left behind, even if they live to be 100 years old.
Since neither science, nor religions, can prove or dis-prove the existence of a god, and is therefore based on faith, my happy self will have faith in science. Imagine what you can do next!

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(J) Marshall Wade is the author of 24 books about self improvement and related subjects