Through this post, you are going to learn about a few of the basic features of a successful business collaboration network. This will help you decide if a particular proposal for a business collaboration is worth spending your energy and time.

The features of a successful business collaboration network are:

1. An experienced and a proactive leader

Whoever is leading the business venture must have experience of establishing successful collaborations. If you are connecting with a company which has a history of never coming through despite having great ideas, you can’t expect things change when you come on-board. Therefore, it is wise to only be associated with firms which actually makes things happen.

2. Definite purpose and clarity

If you feel that the opportunity is basically about making money mostly for the other person and you are just tagging along, you should probably say no. Make sure you are aware of every little detail of the opportunity so that you have an idea of what is expected of you in terms of money, time and various other resources. And, most importantly, what you will get in return for your contribution.

3. You should be viewed not as a contributor, but a partner

A successful business collaboration network results from mutual admiration and respect. You should always look for partners who are fully vested and offer as much as you do. If you feel like you are just tagging along, break away as soon as possible because you are not likely to profit as much as the other person.

4. Trust your gut

If you have a gut feeling that the opportunity being presented or the person associated with it aren’t good for you, decline politely. You don’t have to feel guilty if you fail to point out why exactly you don’t feel it's good for you. If it really is for you, it will present itself again. So don’t worry!

5. Negotiation is always on the table

Everything in business is negotiable. If you are told “it’s my way or the highway”, always decide to pass over the opportunity.

Always make sure you find these features of business collaboration network in any opportunity that presents itself to you. It is only wise to give your time and energy to a business collaboration that has these basic features.

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