Maithan Steel is one of the leading producers of high-quality steel products in India. The company has been in operation for over three decades and has built a reputation for delivering excellence in every aspect of its operations. Maithan Steel's commitment to innovation and technology has resulted in the development of TMT Saria, a premium quality steel reinforcement product that offers superior strength, durability, and safety to structures.

TMT Saria is made using advanced technology that involves a process of thermo-mechanical treatment. This treatment gives the steel a unique combination of strength, ductility, and flexibility that makes it an ideal choice for use in construction projects. The product is designed to withstand high levels of stress and strain, making it suitable for use in a wide range of applications, from residential buildings to large infrastructure projects.

The unique features of TMT Saria include its superior strength, excellent ductility, and enhanced earthquake resistance. The product also offers exceptional bendability, which makes it easy to work with during construction, reducing wastage and saving time. TMT Saria is also corrosion-resistant, which means that it can withstand exposure to the elements without losing its structural integrity.

Overall, TMT Saria is a testament to Maithan Steel's commitment to excellence and innovation in the steel industry. Its exceptional properties make it an ideal choice for construction projects where safety, durability, and strength are paramount.

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Maithan Steel is a leading producer of high-quality steel products in India. The company was founded in 1983 by Mr. Brij Bhushan Agarwal, who is the current Chairman and Managing Director. With over four decades of experience in the steel industry, Mr. Agarwal has been instrumental in driving the growth and success of Maithan Steel.

Under Mr. Agarwal's leadership, Maithan Steel has become one of the most respected names in the Indian steel industry. The company has a strong focus on innovation and technology, which has helped it to develop and produce high-quality steel products that meet the needs of its customers.