Industrial vacuum cleaners can be useful in a number of different situations, but it's not always obvious what you should be looking for when making a purchase. This guide will offer an insight into the various features of these cleaners and why they could be important to your business. The following are some of the most commonly found features on these machines:

- HEPA Air Filters

These filters are designed to remove a much higher proportion of particles than would usually be the case. They trap the finest of particles such as pollen and dust mite faeces that would normally cause deterioration to air quality and trigger allergies. This means that industrial vacuum cleaners using these filters will be particularly efficient, helping to ensure that a high quality cleaning job can be carried out.

- Dust Bags

The dust bag, as in a standard vacuum cleaner, will store the waste as it’s collected. A larger dust bag will need to be emptied less frequently, while an indicator will allow operatives to know when the bag is full. This ensures maximum productivity at all times.

- Power Vacuum Motors

High power motors on industrial vacuum cleaners make them more able to tackle difficult jobs. In general terms, machines that boast the highest power ratings will be those that are most suited to challenging conditions.

- Strong Construction

Since these machines are designed to be used in industrial and commercial situations on a regular basis, it's clearly vital that they should be durable. This ability to produce results over a long period of time depends upon the quality of manufacture. A strong construction is particularly important in ensuring that the vacuum cleaner is capable of lasting the distance.

- Sound Levels

It's incorrect to think that loud industrial vacuum cleaners must produce the best performance. Modern machines are designed to produce much lower sound levels, which means that cleaning work can be carried out with far less disturbance than was once the case.

- Power Sources

Some industrial vacuum cleaners are able to make use of battery power. This is ideal for conditions where they are need to work particularly quietly. A good example of this would be when the cleaner is to be operated during the day, rather than in the evenings.

- Mobility

Some cleaners are specially designed to ensure that they can be moved quickly and easily. These are perfect for situations where operatives may be cleaning spaces that are covered with pieces of machinery, or other obstacles of a similar nature. Having a highly mobile machine is also important in circumstances where it's necessary to be able to turn the device on a frequent basis during the process of cleaning.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are effective, efficient and reliable. However, it's likely that some features will be particularly important in terms of meeting your requirements. By understanding what's available, it's possible to make a more informed buying decision.

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