I am Lady Nada. With the rays of my energy, with my love that I feel for you I have been chosen to bring the messages of the high vibration to you and to the collective of the energies today. I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT.

It is both a great honor and joy for Lady Nada to bring you a vibration today that pours out of the biggest field of pearls of the all-embracing love, the biggest knotted star tetrahedron of the universe. This energy, this energy vibration carries the sound SHADEES. When you breathe deeply, open yourself, when you permit yourself, in your own rhythm, to go deep inside, to unify your chakras and ask the golden angel in you to expand your soul aspect – then I will let you feel for the first time what the vibrational sound SHADEES effects in your soul. Feel.

SHADEES is an energy that opens and lets you go deeper into the divine Reality. For many of you – I speak to you, to each one of you personally – have experienced awakening for themselves. An awakening means that you have awakened from a dream that did not serve you, that burdened you. You know what it is like sometimes when you have dreams at night, when you awaken in the morning and this dream seems real to you and you have to orient yourself first, that you have woken up. You need some time for orientation. After a long dream you often feel as if you were not standing on terra firma. Even when you carry the knowledge in your mind that the dual dream has ended at last, it is still not easy for some to go through this lack of orientation into the divine Reality. For lack of orientation means having awakened from a dream of the duality. It also means that the physical aspect is sometimes subject to ups and downs, and you feel a bit dizzy and tired through that. Sometimes, when you do not know what the divine Reality really means, you lie down and fall asleep for another short while. But each time you awaken again, when the energy and the divine Reality show you who you are, then the lack of orientation takes less and less long and the stay in the divine Reality with the attributes of love, of abundance, of health, security, joy and peace gets easier and easier for you.

In the universe there is a knotted pearl field that comprises all the energies there are in the universe. All these energies are pouring onto your planet very powerfully at this time. Today I have been called to help each one of you a little out of this lack of orientation that appears sometimes in the divine Reality, and give you this new energy of SHADEES. For it connects your soul to this pearl field. Through that it will be easier for you, in so many moments when the duality catches up with you, when the collective of the sleeping ones catches up with you, when you are hurt and misunderstood and you perhaps want to close your eyes. But we call you to keep your eyes open. To see the light of the divine Reality, the changes of the energies. You have felt the impulse in your soul today. This impulse has carried you here. Now you know why you are here. For when an energy arrives for the first time it is something wonderful. Today, in the here and now you are about to welcome SHADEES in your soul.

Before this energy is transmitted to you from the biggest pearl field of the universe, Lady Nada asks you to go within once more and let pictures appear. To allow yourself to feel feelings in which you perhaps, even though you are awakened, sometimes feel a bit disoriented, and still take the first steps in the New Age, in the divine Reality so carefully. I will give you a little time for this now.

Believe me, trust me when I tell you that I understand, for I, too, was in the duality. Sometimes it is simply so that situations of the duality feel so real. The reason is that you have been dreaming this dream for so long, and now the divine Reality after your awakening, this possibility, presents itself to you. I understand you, that much of that is perhaps not yet tangible. Changes also always mean letting go. Letting go of dreams that one has dreamt for so long, for so long that they appeared to be real. But the divine Reality comprises so much more than you can imagine. It is as if you are walking through a gate. It takes courage to walk these new paths, to allow them and sometimes also to be patient. As we are moving closer and closer to this adaptation phase the energies are brought to you with deeper and deeper, stronger waves of radiant power. SHADEES will help you to see, to feel in your everyday life at least that this is a dream. SHADEES will make it possible for you to feel the steps in the divine Reality as what these steps comprise: The truth, the lightness and the joy.

Thus we are happy that so many of you have come here in order to welcome this energy for the first time. And thus we will transmit SHADEES directly into your soul to the most beautiful sounds from the divine Reality. We ask you to rise for this and to receive this energy on Earth with openness and with your love.

(Music is played.)

SHADEES lays itself protectively around your soul aspect. Now it is up to you how deeply you allow yourself to feel this new energy. Pause, let everything go and feel this energy.

Nothing that comes from the divine Reality can ever be destroyed. The truth finds its way. Let this truth flow deep into your soul and feel your own divine strength. Trust, that when you are in the divine Reality, with the energetic expansion of your awakening, when you are courageous enough to take paths even when your intellect does not know what this means, you will realize what stands behind the words when we say: You are an Avatar on Earth.

It was so nice for me to transmit this energy to you, to bring you SHADEES in the knowledge that it was brought exactly to where human beings gather who are open and also feel what it means when a new energy arrives. And so let us speak the words together: Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'Ham.


Author's Bio: 

Sabine Sangitar Wenig is a clairaudient medium who, after a long time of preparation for her current task, has founded 'Kryonschool - Spiritual Course of Awakening'.

In addition to her regular work for Kryonschool she gives a public channeling in Rosenheim, Germany, once a month which is also published here and on the Kryonschool website.

You are welcome to visit the Kryonschool website and browse through the channelings, news and information.