Number use to play a major role in ancient science, the science that deals with the origin of the universe, its creation and destruction, at various levels such as physical, spiritual and mental. All ancient customs, religions and science depends on mindfulness and deep understanding of numerals. The divine concept of the creative divinity is on the basis of numbers. It is considered that the divine creator is the first reason that is the unity. It is the number that produces any other number that we can think of.

So the concept of numerology is ancient, but it cannot be denied because of its scientific outlook and spiritual enigma. This is a wide field and the milestones are never ending as like universe. The numbers have an energetic power which helps view the inner being of a person.

Numerology is a science that deals with the association of numbers. It allows us to read messages in numbers which are hidden in nature. Numerology deals with the quantitative and qualitative aspects of numbers. Each number has a vibrating energy which, is analysed by few people in the world and it provides precious psychological and spiritual information. Numerology is a segment that deals with the secret pulsation of enigmatic code that we can learn to apply for our own benefit.

Numerology reading is derived from the date of birth of a person. All numbers based on your date of birth imitate influences and actions related to the momentum of your life. Think of their effect on your life as similar to the weather and the landscape you move in the path of life.

It is a way to gain greater insight and understanding into your inner being and actual nature. It reveals diversification of your character and personality in a way that is fresh and inspiring. It provides you a new vantage point from which to look at yourself; one with greater distance and viewpoint than many other self-help methods.
Self-knowledge is the major factor for success and freedom. Numerology provides the kind of view that can set you free.
Knowing your inner being is very important. It increases the confidence of a person and it moreover helps improve in every aspect of life. Thus, we can say numerology reading helps you lead a better life and a promising life as it removes fear from within. In our day to day life we forget to give time to these things, though it very much essential for every human being.

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Thomas has performed a series of interview with Jeanette Jones numerology readings in Brisbane, Australia. She has over four decades of experience and was engaged in the numerology reading in Brisbane. The author considers Jeanette as one of the most genuine and honest readers as she has helped many people to lead a better life.