Have you ever felt those nervous butterflies in your stomach right before a big date? Or a job interview? Or maybe you have sky dived? Or before the birth of your child? Maybe you were about to try something for the first time and you had that feeling in your stomach. A feeling that is unlike any other, it makes you feel all funny inside, it starts in the pit of your stomach and sometimes grows throughout the whole body.

It is that feeling that instead of holding you back it should tell you to go ahead and do it! If you came this far, showed up, then there should be no turning back. Know why? It is that feeling that is telling you are doing what you wanted to do in the first place so embrace and face it and GO FOR IT! You are not only boosting your self confidence but you are stepping outside of that comfort zone. Thus creating new experiences, memories, feelings and emotions. You are pushing yourself outside your self imposed limits and this is what life is all about!! Always willing to stretch and reach outside of your comfort zone!!

Recently I got to truly test myself in this aspect. I was faced with a very difficult challenge that I was not welcoming into my experience. The nerves, the butterflies were overtaking my body. I am pretty sure at one point I wanted to turn around and run away. But I didn't, I stuck it out and stayed. I used my voice and spoke up and faced my fears in a huge way! The biggest benefit out of the whole experience was I not only woke up a fire inside of me of determination, I left more confident. It took a couple of days to see the lesson but it was well earned.

What can you do today that will push you outside your comfort zone? Start asking yourself what can I do that is different that will help me achieve more of my goals in life? Help me along my path to happiness?

I was watching Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory last night on MTV and reminded me of how I was when I was younger. During the show he explained to a friend how he has been living day-to-day doing all the business stuff but had gotten away from being spontaneous and feeling that feeling in the pit of his stomach to do different, fun things. His answer was to be chased down by a tiger. He has some of the best ideas on that show that makes it fun. :)

Point is stretch yourself once in a while (at least once a month) to do new things, jazz your life up a bit and get out and live!!

Please leave a comment and share with us what type of things you do to face your fears. :)

Much love
April Nicole

Author's Bio: 

April Nicole is one of the brave ones to open her mouth and shout out for herself and other victims/survivors of abuse in this world. Her courage to stand up and speak to other fellow survivors/victims is unremarkable. She believes the impossible is possible for herself and anyone else in this world.
After years of carrying around her abusers shame she has had enough and gave it back to them to wear. She has made a pledge to have the best life and teach others to do the same after enduring any type of abuse. She has talked to many survivors and victims over the years to realize her gift in this lifetime is to empower others to live the life they always wanted to have.
Now an author of a much highly anticipated book she is ready to release, April Nicole is sure to cause a major ripple effect with her views and outspoken voice. Her intention is to give you empowerment in your life so you too can heal and live a wonderful life. By speaking her voice she hopes more and more people will speak up and share their stories. You do matter, everyone of you and she wants you to know