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Breathing properly is one of the simplest ways to drain away tension and relieve your stress. By simply changing your breathing patterns, you can rapidly induce a greater state of relaxation. If you can control the way you breath, you have a powerful tool to reduce bodily tension.

Most likely, you take breathing for granted (am I right?). You've been breathing for years, you'd think by now you would have it figured out. Unfortunately, there is such a thing as "breathing badly," and it can take many forms. You can be a chest and shoulder breather, bringing air into your lungs by expanding your chest cavity and raising your shoulders. This description often fits people who have a touch of vanity and opt for never sticking their tummy out when they breath. You can also be a breath holder, stopping your breathing entirely when you're distracted or lost in thought. Both are inefficient, stress-producing forms of breathing, and when you are under stress your breathing patterns deteriorate even more. To make things worse, once your breathing goes array, you feel even more stressed out. Have I gotten your full attention on how important proper breathing is yet? OK good!

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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Why Change it Now?

When you feel stressed, your breathing becomes faster and shallower. When you breathe this way, your body reacts in this way:

Less oxygen reaches your bloodstream
Your blood vessels constrict
Less oxygen reaches your brain
Your heart rate and your blood pressure go up
You feel light-headed, shaky, and more tense

Those cavemen ancestors of ours knew how to breathe. They didn't have to deal with the IRS, delayed plane travel, or that boss from hell (and i've had a few of them believe me). Today very few people know how to breathe right. Generally opera singers, stage actors, musicians, and a few yoga instructors breathe effectively. The rest of us have lost the art completely.

All Is Not Lost!

For a short period in your life, you did get the whole breathing thing right. As a baby, you breathed beautifully. Your belly rose and fell in a relaxed way. But then you grew up and let life and stress take away that relaxed breath. Luckily, you can re-teach yourself to breathe properly again!

Yes, breathing is a way to get air into your lungs. But that's not all it's good for. In past times, breathing had an elevated status. Religious groups and sects believed that a calming breath replenished the soul as well as soothed the body. The word ruach (what a yucky word) in Hebrew and the word pneuma in Greek have double meanings, meaning both breath and spirit. There you go not one, but two lessons learned today. Now let's take today to focus in on how we're breathing, and begin shutting anxiety down slowly!

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If you want to overcome panic attacks, one of the first things you should do is take a look at your diet. And I'm not talking about eliminating coffee, and tea, and unrefined sugars, and any other stimulant you care to name (although that wouldn't be a bad idea either!).

I'm not talking about that because I'm sure you already know all that.

But there's a part of the diet that gets overlooked for people with panic and anxiety disorders: the general "balance" of your diet.

Having a diet that's not balanced is bad for your health in general, but it's also bad for your mental health, which seems to be ignored by so many people. We all know that chemical and hormonal imbalances can cause all kinds of problems with stress, anxiety, and depression. And we all know that what we eat has a direct impact on our chemical and hormone levels.

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And yet most of us never put 2 and 2 together.

So for those of us who know this and desperately want to overcome panic attacks, there really is no excuse.

A balanced diet, featuring a good mix of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats, is a fantastic way to correct all kinds of imbalances in the body, and that can only help to decrease or eliminate our problems with anxiety and panic disorders.

So from this point on, do your very best to make sure each meal you eat contains some high quality protein, a good source of carbohydrates, and a some healthy fats. This is a great step you can take it you want to overcome panic attacks as fast as you can.

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When looking for the end-all remedy for anxiety, usually those suffering from this tormenting ailment go through a period where they try almost anything they hear about. Most times these things have been said to have cured somebody from anxiety disorder. Unfortunately, a lot of the time it is false rumors that bring about these tales of a quick cure.

The most common thought of cures for anxiety are thought to be:

. Some kind of new drug

. Vitamin therapy

. Herbs

. Diet and exercise and,

. Relaxation techniques.

Let's take a look at these cures and see how effective they can be.


When a doctor prescribes medication, you better take it. A doctor knows better than anyone when a medication is needed and exactly what kind of prescription and dosage is needed. I am not second guessing any prescription drug usage.

However, prescriptions are made to help an anxiety sufferer deal with life while recovering from or being mired in anxiety. They are designed to make life easier to live. If the anxious person is moving toward an anxiety cure, they can be helpful but medications, in themselves are not anxiety cures.


There is no evidence vitamins cure anxiety disorder or guard against panic attacks. Being depleted of vitamins isn't helpful at any time so it is impossible not to condone proper vitamin use. Still, I have never known of anyone who has found they were experiencing anxiety because they were deficient in some vitamin.


I recommend being careful with herbs. Herbs can have side effects. No one needs side effects from an herb or anything else disrupting his or her life, but to an anxiety sufferer, an unexpected side effect can be especially disconcerting.

I realize it has been said some herbs, such as Valerian Root, help calm nerves, but in my opinion, if temporarily calming of your nerves is what you are looking for, you are better off seeing your doctor about getting a tranquilizer.

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Diet and Exercise

Of course, eating a sensible diet is always wise. Doing so may have a positive effect on an anxiously ill person because it tends to give a person a feeling of well-being where as eating a processed sugar laden diet tends to make anybody feel a little less than his or her best. In short, it can't hurt to eat right.

Relaxation Techniques

I love using relaxation. Talk about a feeling of well-being! Relaxation techniques can certainly have that effect. Still, a true cure for anxiety, relaxation is not. Relaxation can make a nice reprieve from anxiety and when used with other steps as part of a program geared to overcome anxiety it is very helpful. However, relaxation is not a cure for anxiety disorder.

The Bottom Line

Anxiety disorder stems from a condition where a person becomes afraid of the feelings anxiety brings. Thus, when we try to fight off or escape these feelings, more anxiety is introduced. Usually, these new feelings are even more unbearable than the first feelings anxiety brings and so, the sufferer tries even harder to stave off these more horrendous feelings.

In this way, a vicious cycle has started. It is a cycle of:

1. fear's feelings

2. fight fear's feelings

3. worse feelings

4. fight harder,

5. and on and on and on...

Until we find a way to stop this cycle, we won't have too much luck curing our anxiety. Ironically, it is when we are able to stop trying to get rid of the anxiety from our lives, a new pattern will begin and this pattern will lead us to our cure. In short, our recovery from anxiety disorder starts when we learn to give up.

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At the end of your life, I want you to be able to look back and marvel at the way you handled your anxiety disorder. I don't want you to look back and think 'what if'? This path you are heading down may be unfamiliar and uncomfortable, but it is the path that you must take. Take it now, take your life back, and begin giving others permission to face their own fears through your actions. They will realize through your success that they have a choice that will lead them on the path to recovery from their anxiety disorder also.

Here is how you will know when you've recovered from your anxiety disorder:

When your body has had enough rest and nourishment that your energy is back and chronic fatigue is not an issue anymore.

When your fearful thoughts (which may continue to creep in) don't send you into the anxious cycle, and you can brush them off knowing that your past has given you enough information that the thing you fear most will not come true. This is just another false alarm.

When you stop giving attention to those false alarms, then the many faces of anxiety will recede.

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When you begin to stop just THINKING positive, thinking that this alone will turn things around. Action is the main element that will turn your anxiety disorder around, in my struggles I was the most anxious positive person ever, but I kept telling myself lies such as things are getting better, things are getting better... THINGS ARE NOT GETTING BETTER, telling yourself the truth that things are not OK and this is not all there is to life, will get you to take massive action and celebrate the smallest victories.

When you start taking responsibility for your anxiety disorder. Certain factors such as your childhood environment may actually be a reason for your anxiety disorder that you are experiencing right now, but in the end when you begin to take responsibility for your issues you instantly stop playing the blame game and stop being the victim. Once you take the power back into your own hands, you will begin to recognize that you ALWAYS have a choice in the matter, it just takes time to recondition yourself until desensitization begins.

When your thoughts, emotions and physical body are in sync. It may seem that at the moment your thoughts are running out of control, you're emotionally unstable and you may feel completely fatigued or scared to partake in a daily exercise routine because of fear due to your heart. Once these three things are aligned and the daily struggle to have clear thoughts, to try so hard to be upbeat and the fear of exercising is gone, days feel enjoyable and easy for you again. No more fight or flight out of the blue and no more sweating the small stuff.

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