It’s true – feeling good is good for me, for you and for everyone. But here’s the thing, I can only feel good for me when I feel good for you and everyone else.

My purpose in life is to help others achieve their goals that they have always wanted in their life. That is why I wrote three books on health issues so people would get the true facts about how to take care of their body in a healthy way.

You see I believe you can only take care of your body in a healthy way by practicing healthy methods of living. A proper diet, weight control, exercise, stress control, a positive attitude are just part of those things you should adapt in your life.

Now you may have already heard my story about how these beliefs about health management started about ten years ago. But a couple of years before that I began learning the advantages of living a healthy live and how important it was to believe in alternative and natural healing of illnesses and diseases.

So when my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer I went with here to her first oncologist appointment. My purpose was to encourage her doctor to treat her cancer with alternative and natural methods for her disease.

Well my suggestions did not impress him at all and he didn’t really want to hear anything about it. My wife did agree with his methods to cure her and she gave him permission to proceed with them.

However I left his office vowing to research wherever I could for alternative and natural methods for curing for illnesses and diseases. My research did finally cause me to compile all that information and publish it in three eBooks.
That fulfilled my first passion; which is feeling is good for me and now it’s good for you and others who want to be healthy individuals.

If you will follow the guideline I suggest for having a healthy body you won’t need a conventional doctor; you want need to take any prescription drugs; you will now know what food it’s good to eat and what foods to avoid.

You will be able to develop a plan that will help you feel good mentally and physically. If you do need a doctor for any reason it’s best to find one who is either a naturopathic or holistic doctor. They will treat you with alternative and natural methods.

My other passion to help me feel good, you to feel good and anyone else to feel good is when I decided to change careers at 42 years of age.

It helped me feel good because I was now relieving my stress, earning more income and developing a more pleasing attitude with my wife.I help others feel good by sharing with them how I was able to make that transition to a new career and how anyone else can do the same also.

My free “sunny day” report is available on my website to help you achieve any goals you wish to accomplish and start feeling good about everything in your life.

The world today is really a challenging one. People need a lot of help every day to get through it without a lot of difficulty.
I hope my methods provided here in this article and on my website do make you feel better about life than ever before.

Author's Bio: 

Born in Jeffersonville, IN Sonny spent most of his adult life in the family florist business. Becoming dissatisfied with it at the age 42 years he left it to begin a 20 year career in sales. He became a sales supervisor and spent the rest of his working years in that profession.

He is now a retired senior citizen and a health and wellness researcher and author. He is a strong advocate of alternative and natural healing methods.

He has been vigorously researching this subject for over 10 years and has published it in three different eBooks. Sonny’s plan to do this researching was prompted by the results of a visit to his wife’s oncologist to talk to him about treatment for her diagnosed breast cancer condition. Sonny recommended that she be treated with alternative and natural healing methods. He refused but his wife accepted the doctor’s recommendations.

After leaving his office that day Sonny vowed to spend the rest of his life researching for alternative and natural methods of healing which he still continues to do to this very day. His research was directed to areas on the Internet dealing with authorities in alternative medicine and natural healing. It included publications, newsletters, websites and even special reports of naturopathic and holistic doctors. He was also interested in any research on alternative and natural healings done by any specialist in that field.

In addition because of his past interest in sales he also did extensive research on self - development issues. His passion in life has always been to share this vital information so others will be able to develop a healthy and prosperous lifestyle that they greatly desire.

All the information he has gathered are in included in his eBooks which are available on his website at: