Pumpkin seeds are a feel-good food, since it contains zinc, a critical mineral in the maze of reactions that build immunity against invaders such as viruses and cancer. Just 1 ounce of pumpkin seeds delivers 3 milligrams of zinc than you can get from 2 ounces of lean beef or 3 ounces of chicken breast.

When one is feeling fatigued, try a mix of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. They make a crispy, crunchy addition to a power-packed trail mix, and their protein will keep you energized.

Now, I was surprised to discover that pumpkin seeds have been a proven remedy for monthly cramps. They’re loaded with fatty body acids that lower levels of body chemicals responsible for muscle aches and menstrual cramps.
It’s obvious that pumpkin seeds is nutrition with a crunch, but also helps prevent body odor. So, when you suspect that you smell a little pungent, eat some pumpkin seeds. It’s a deficiency in zinc that can lead to body odor, and as previously mentioned, 1 ounce of pumpkin seeds just might do the trick in preventing body odor.
(Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, just someone who is an avid reader and likes to share knowledge, personal as well as researched by others.)

I live with, ‘photophobia’, a visual processing disorder, which is easily misdiagnosed as ‘dyslexia,’ and that’s why I wrote the book, “My Curly Hair Self: Living with a Visual Processing Disorder.” Now, I do live with glaucoma, but someone not diagnosed with glaucoma, can also have photophobia (a medical condition which falls under the category of physical disability) and that’s why my book is so important for those individuals who have trouble with reading, writing, or looking a Smartboard.

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I’m the author of, “My Curly Hair Self: Living with a Visual Processing Disorder.
I love having curly hair. I love taking care of it. But I don’t like having to live with glaucoma. It’s a constant reminder that someday I may go blind. Recently I discovered there could be a connection between hair growth and glaucoma. It just might, since I lived with glaucoma and my hair took a long time to grow. It never grew pass my shoulders, while growing up. My story is not just about hair, or having glaucoma, but also learning to live with a visual processing disorder or otherwise called, 'photophobia.'