Gratitude is more than just saying the words; it is about feeling gratefulness for all that you are, all that you are becoming, and all that you have in your life. We tend to take things and people for granted when at anytime we could lose them.

When you practice gratitude on a daily basis it takes your focus off of the negative aspects of your life and keeps you focused on the positive ones. This of course creates a positive energy stream that flows out into the Universe bringing you more things to be grateful for. Being grateful for even the smallest of things will yield great benefits. The more gratitude you feel the more resistance you will dissolve within yourself. You will no longer be going against the natural flow of life but floating happily along with it.

If you find yourself surrounded by things you don’t want, find at least one thing to be grateful for and allow yourself to feel the gratitude for that one thing or person in your life. Even if it means stepping away from the unwanted for a few minutes to regain your focus, just do it. Within a matter of minutes, if not seconds, you will feel a shift in your energy and your mind will automatically start focusing on other things and people to be grateful for.

If feeling gratitude seems more like work or does not come easy to you, start a gratitude journal. Every night before bed take a few minutes and write down 3 things you were grateful for during that particular day. It does not matter what it is as long as you can feel the gratitude toward it. When you get up the next morning, start your day off by re-reading those things. This will instill the positive feelings you had about them and start your day off on the right foot!

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Cindy is a Personal Development Consultant. Her knowledge and expertise comes from 20 years of study, personal life experiences, and from working as a community volunteer and mentor. Cindy guides people toward finding true happiness and life fulfillment along their own unique path. To learn more about Cindy go to or visit her personal blog at