Somewhere someone is feeling empty and or lonely. The thought of feeling empty is not only a scary thought but when I think about what feeling empty feels like it can be a bit overwhelming.

It is most often that when people feel a sense of emptiness or loneliness’ they get a sense of pause, a sudden sense of idleness so to speak. They can’t really make a move that seems worthwhile because they are most likely feeling worthless.

It is these same individuals that are stuck in a rut that seems unbearable. They want out; however they can’t seem to get out. They need to be out but can’t seem to find a way out.

So the natural thing for them to do is; run for cover. They go into a state of isolation a state of hibernation and hiding. They hide their true feelings from the world. Hide their true intensions; hide their fears and their worries.

Is this a description that you can relate to? I am sure that at some point in your life you have been this person. I am sure that at some point in your life you may feel this way again. This is the truth about life and living it.
For some of us who were never taught the Captivating Woman Way, we are just constantly being blown in the wind of life.

Most of us just feel what we feel based on circumstances and our environment. We are never really prepared for the ups and downs of this great journey. No one has ever given us a road map or emergency response plan for life. We were never taught how to deal with the many ups and downs that we have or may encounter.

It is my opinions that even if there were a road map or an emergency response plan that it wouldn’t work, because it would be static.

The Captivating Woman Way is not static, it is fluid. It moves and adjusts. It is freedom expressed. It is open and infinite. It is not only just a philosophy for life but it is a life science. Someone once said to me that philosophy asks why things exist and science asks the questions how thing s exists.

If we are to suppose that life’s questions are answered by either philosophy or science than The Captivating Woman Way doesn’t fit into either category alone, this is rightly because the Captivating Woman Way doesn’t ask questions, about life, it understands it.

It is best understood that the Captivating Woman Way does not hang tightly to theory; in fact it is not concerned with theory at all. The Captivating Woman Way understands that life is not separate. It is understandable that one would try to question something that is separate from itself; however when you are one with something or someone understanding is a natural process.

When we understand the principles of the Captivating Woman Way we understand all that is connected by this energy we know as life. When we understand the Captivating Woman Way we understand that feeling empty is not a bad idea at all. In fact feeling empty is an awesome time indeed, contrary to what has been taught about this period or feeling.

To feel empty is to feel naked and void on the inside, space unfilled. Now, the normal feeling for us when we are feeling empty is to feel lonely or to feel worthless because nothing is filling us up.

Here is one great secret I’m about to give to you. Write it down and make note. Okay here it is…
There is power in feeling empty.

How you ask? How can there be power in feeling empty? Isn’t this the cause for depression and the like? How could this be a good thing?

Well from the perspective of your pre-captivating self, your old condition, it would be hard to understand this concept. However try this on for size.

If something is empty it has space enough to be completely full. This idea deals with filling something up. If it is empty, it gives way to new opportunities and renewal. If you can be filled with great ambition, great ideas and good love, what exactly do you think can come from this?

There would be no need to erase old habits, there would be no need to clear the way from baggage or chaos, because there is nothing there. It is empty. Now you may disagree by saying that it is chaos that causes the feelings of emptiness, but it is the lack there of that causes emptiness.

Exercise -1
Here is an exercise; the next time you feel empty or lonely. Take 48 hours to yourself. Close the doors, take time off of work, turn off your cell phone, and tell your family and friends that you are going on a spiritual retreat. The first 24 hours you allow yourself to feel empty and lonely, but instead of focusing on the lonely or empty start pouring into yourself.

Exercise Instructions
First 12 hours of the day; clean your house.
Closet’s are to be purged.
If you have any items of clothing which you have not worn in the last year give away, donate or trash them. Any shoes that need repair, those shoes that are two small, or shoes that you have had for more that 2 years rid your self of.
Kitchen pantries and linen closets are to be purged as well. Food from the freezers, the crispers and the side doors, are to be checked for their consumption abilities. Toss anything that is old and outdated. Same goes for linens, donate linen items that have accumulated over the years that may be causing some over crowding within your closets.

After you have cleaned your closet and pantries and so forth, go into your drawers, get rid of old outdated documents and the like. Organize your bills and get them ready for and outgoing bill bin. Any old newspapers, magazines and other papers that have accumulated in your sacred space called home get rid of it.

The idea of getting rid of useless things and items is to free up space in your environment as well as your mind. The physical act of freeing your self actually penetrates on an emotional level that there is a letting go process in place. In this letting go process we are actually pouring in new energy. The useless things around us take up space and uses energy. Once those things are removed that energy is than transformed and moved into your being instead of being spread throughout your external environment. Getting organized is not just a physical thing, but it has been often said that your external environment is a picture of what’s going on internally.

The first 12 hours of this spiritual retreat is used for pouring energy, positive energy back into yourself, by way of freeing up energy in your environment.

The second set of 12 hours is used to cleanse your body.
Fasting for 12 hours on Dandelion Tea, which is good for the liver, Is a great way to honor your body by way of cleansing it? It is holistically known that the liver harbors, anger, resentment and fear. When you purge the liver for the 12 hours of night fall you cleanse your body of useless and wasteful energy being stored in the liver.
The third set of 12 hours of day is to cleanse your mind.

This is what some of my clients know as Self Inventory. However here we do it reversed. In this exercise we get a piece of paper and fold it in two. On one side we write on the upper right hand corner, my top 10 fears, and on the left side we write my top 10 abilities. We spend about thirty minutes’ on each side.

Once we have taken the time to identify what our fears and abilities are we can better understand what inspires us to move forward and on the other hand what keeps us from moving at all. This exercise helps us to identify what our greens and reds are. This exercise gives us the strength to recognize our fears and face them. Not only are we facing our fears when they are there in front of us in black and white but we can look at our abilities and prove that our fears are ridiculous when compared to our abilities.

A mentor of mine once told me that leaders are not just leaders because they have cowards who follow them, but because they have the guts to face the very things the others fear to face.

An example of this is a warrior; a warrior will tell you himself that in the pit of battle the fear in him wells up so that it pushes him forward in battle. He will tell you that the war going on around him scares him, however he faces it like a solider, uses the fear as a catalyst to save himself and his fellow soldiers.

It is a well known fact that the truest ability of a solider is for him to face the battle head on. Execute is his mantra. He is focused not on the fear but on the execution.

It is truly a life saver when you can identify your fears and your motivators. Facing your fears is one part but the other side of the coin is to consider what moves you in the right direction. Once you have identified both sides of the coin consider making a decision to live your life.
The last 12 hours of night fall is for resting.

Author's Bio: 

Karema Mcghee author of The Emerging Woman and Captivating Woman unfolding the sacred feminine.