EVERYONE wants to feel happy, feel successful. Feel they are achieving what they are meant to in this lifetime. So many people “feel stuck” in a life they believe can never change. Between having kids and having a mortgage, we become fearful to try anything new and especially nervous to leave the comfort of our salary. Many of us will never throw our cares to the winds and go for broke! But the truth is, you don’t have to! We are supposed to live life happy, move forward, do new things when it is felt inside - move forward onto our next dream, our next path.

This is not something we go through only one time in our life. How many times do you feel you went through life changing events? Loss of a job, addictions, trauma, hitting bottom may be one way that led you to where you are today. We create a lifetime of events that create the course of our life, that create our story. We are always allowed to change our story, and it is time for a change for you are not feeling happy inside. Having worked with many clients over the years, I believe many of us want more. Its not that we are not grateful, we are just ready to move on. What we loved twenty years ago in the beginning of our career, is not necessarily what we want now. Life changes, we change, and its okay. But what is important, is knowing that there is something more for you if you are feeling this. It may be time to move on to your next path in life. We work around our responsibilities, not give up on the dream because of it. And here are the steps to consider taking...

1) First you need to think about, meditate on...what may be the reason you are not happy? Are you feeling unfulfilled? Is it simply boredom or stagnancy in your life? Is it your career or job, is it a routine marriage? Have you become complacent, no lust for life? Are you struggling with sadness? What do you think is truly holding you back from living life happy? Do you feel stuck or trapped with the kids, or feel that you cannot even consider a move because of money - a very common thought. If you do not know, thats the first place we should work together on. Its simple really - its what inside you and we just need to bring it out.

2) Do you know in your heart what you wish you can be doing, but cannot because the above issues are holding you back? Or do you have no idea what you want to do, but know you wish you were doing something different?

3) Is there something else that you know that is holding you back, or you believe is holding you back?

When feeling this way, it means that you are off your path. Life has changed for you. Time to think about what it is that will make you happy and work towards moving forward on your next path.

This does not mean that you leave your job and figure out whats next! What it does mean - is that inside - your higher self is telling you that you are not finished at this point. That there is something more for you.

This is where a customized flower remedy blend comes in for you. They are flower extracts from all over the world, each having their own specific health benefit. Flowers were here before us and put here for our emotional healing.

To give you some understanding in how they work, think about how we are told not to live by power lines, they get in the way of our energy sysem, reek some havoc. What the flower remedies do, especially a customized blend, it move our energy system back into balance. They are incredibly important in keeping us mentally healthy, calm, peaceful, joyful as we go through our own personal, sometimes life changing stories in our life. They take us from imbalance and move us back into balance.

We use them for moving forward in life, in business (especially when on the verge of giving up on your dream, abundance, etc), for trauma, PTSD, symptoms of autism, anxiety, stress, motivation, divorce, grief, tantrums, goal setting (including weight loss) stuttering, ...any negative trauma, feeling, behaviors thats we keep in our thoughts, or act out on - that does not feel good - that does not bring us joy.

Getting a customized remedy blend will bring the person you truly are, truly want to be out for you. You will naturally and purposefully begin to follow your path, start to think positively again, and naturally move towards your path - confidentially and with joy. It happens naturally! You figure out how to get to your desired goal Sometimes, its about a 5 year plan, sometimes its about some personal inner work for your journey. Whatever it is, using simple flowers from the earth, to reverse our negative feelings and behaviors, will bring out what your head is telling you heart. It is profound and powerful! Are you ready for your journey?

We call it “Living Life Happy!”

Author's Bio: 

Amy D. Cohen, BFRP, is a Flower Remedies Practitioner who focuses on emotional health, naturally. She uses flower remedies to reverse negative emotions, thought patterns & behaviors that hold us and our children back from living our best life. Amy travels all over the world to study with the most well respected producers of flower remedies. She is a Certified Practitioner, an accredited teacher, teaching courses and coaching on becoming a Practitioner for Emotional Health, Naturally. Amy also studied homeopathy for three years with the NY School of Homeopathy affiliated with School of Homeopathy in England. She has since formulated an all natural body care line including soaps, body wash, moisturizers infused with a specific blend of remedies made to enhance the positive qualities we wish for ourselves and our children, bringing peace, calm and joy back into our lives. She maintains a consulting practice in New Jersey and does telephone consultations worldwide. You can see her on TV and hear her on top radio stations throughout the U.S. Her website is www.strongestminds.com. She can be emailed at amycohen@strongestminds.com; or skype amy.c.50 or phone at 800-474-1667.