Feeling Taken For Granted In Marriage: How To Stop My Husband Taking Me For Granted

One of the main factors contributing to the downfall of long-term relationships or marriages is being taken for granted. After a while, all of the things that made you feel special, wonderful, and unique are now simply accepted as standard features in your relationship. Sometimes it comes to a point where even a small lapse from your usual behavior is held against you. Although this is not the most pleasant feeling to deal with, this is completely normal and expected in relationships. In fact, it's a demonstration of habituation, something that is not going away in a relationship unless it is addressed. If you have ever taken your spouse, partner, or family member for granted then it will absolutely affect your relationship in a negative manner. No one likes to be taken for granted, and very few people will put up with it for a lengthy period of time.

Nothing makes people feel more on top of the world than the feeling of being acknowledged, appreciated, and valued. When relationships are young and budding, there is always a sense of excitement, admiration, and affection. We say nice compliments to each other, we spend time together, and we appreciate even the smallest things done for us. However, after a while, relationships exit the "honeymoon phase" and become relatively stagnant. Why do we lose our sense of appreciation, and how can we get it back?

There are multiple ways that we can take our significant others for granted; the following are just a few examples. We can take our roles as partners, parents, or guardians more seriously than their role. For instance, we think our contributions at work and with family are more significant than our partners, and that our work is not acknowledged enough. In addition, many of us forget to say please and thank you after your partner cooks, cleans, does the dishes, or does some other act of kindness. Sometimes, we fail to say how lucky or fortunate we are to have each other in our lives. Often times, we become demanding and treat our partners differently than our friends or family because we expect too much of them. We may speak of them or speak to them in a disrespectful way, hurting their feelings. Finally, we tend to expect certain things within our own household, like dinner being ready, or the house being cleaned every week.

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The following are some tips to keep you from being taken for granted:

1. Do things for yourself-Many people think that they should make certain efforts solely for your partner, spouse, or family members. However, as generous as this sounds, it leads to nothing but a negative result. If you are putting all your energy into others, you are guaranteed to be upset and disappointed when others do not appreciate your efforts. Be sure to tell yourself, "I'm doing this only for myself, this is what I want to do!" Although this may sound selfish, it is necessary to take some time for yourself and do things that make you happy. No one else has to notice your actions, or send compliments your way, because it is benefiting your own self-growth!

2. Be sure to reward yourself-It is possible that your partner or spouse isn't giving you much credit, but you can certainly give yourself credit to boost your self-esteem. Whenever you accomplish a goal, or finish a difficult task, reward yourself and get some satisfaction!

3. Verbally express your appreciation for what your partner/spouse does-The best advice to remain a happy couple is to appreciate what your partner or spouse does on a daily basis. In other words, if you want others to be respectful towards you, you need to be respectful towards others. Also, if you feel like you have to push yourself to feel thankful for what others are doing, remind yourself that is what they typically have to do for you, which will ease resentment between the two of you.

4. Being taken for granted is a form of praise-Although it doesn't always feel the best to be taken for granted and under-appreciated, you can always use reverse psychology to turn it into a compliment. It is true that the more reliable, patient, and friendly you are, the more likely you are going to be taken for granted.

Being taken advantage of isn't something abnormal in a relationship, it is actually a sign of habituation and comfort. Unless it is addressed specifically, it is not going to change, so it is best to work with it than to battle against it. Many people believe that once you exit the "honeymoon phase," it's inevitable to regain that special bond back between a couple. However, we each have total control of our actions and thoughts, therefore, we can learn to appreciate our significant others' actions, which will regain the strong bond back. If you make the active decision to be grateful for your spouse or partner, it will automatically improve the relationship. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it strengthens your relationship and makes you feel worthy again. If both partners feel like they have a purpose, and both partners are willing to put forth the effort, then your relationship will thrive!

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There are reasons why the married population remains substantially higher in numbers than the singles do. In addition, many of the singles would welcome a chance to marry. After all, marriage is tied to emotional and sexual fulfillment, elevated social status, security, and companionship. No one enjoys being really alone, and marriage and family ensures that they shouldn't have to be. So if the institution of marriage is such a sought-after situation, why are so many people getting divorced? Instead of feeling blessed to have found a person to go through life with them, these discontented marrieds have the mindset that being single again with be the answer to all of their problems.

They're wrong, though. So are those you think that marriage is a dying institution and flaunt the standards of society to live together without benefit of legal sanction and to produce child after child in the environment of non-commitment. Marriage is sanctioned by God in the Holy Bible, and for generations it has been regarded as the basic unit of society. Divorces didn't used to be as easy to get, and people tried harder to make their unions work for the long-term. As recently as the 1950s there were few children who lived in anything but a biological 2-parent family. Now, however, single and step parents have become the norm. How can this be healthy for our impressionable children?

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Any close relationship between two people, whether married or not, is bound to have its ups and downs. It's very seldom that two people mesh so perfectly that there are no fights, no arguments, and no disagreements. Both men and women in the United States are raised to be independent thinkers, and both need to learn the art of compromise to make a marriage work. Keeping lines of communication open is a key. When you understand your spouse, it's easier to see where he or she is coming from when your opinions differ.

The general theory used to be that it was necessary to stay together no matter what because of the children. In recent decades, experts have decided that this isn't any good, either. They often advocate separation or divorce rather than trying to get along. Once again, they're all wrong. No one should have to live in an environment where they are unhappy, but the key is not divorce. Instead, the key to happiness is making the effort to build a strong foundation and then continue to work hard at maintaining closeness and married love.

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You are probably struggling with some very general issues and are in need of some uncomplicated solutions, if your marriage has not been doing well as of late.

If a couple has a son or daughter, parenting issues can be a problem among married couples. One parent might believe that they are taking care of the child all by their self and the other parent isn't adding anything at all.

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Having insubstantial quality time with demanding schedules.

One half of the married couple needs to make the decision to fight for their marriage, in order to move frontward and change things. You will find that the other side of the duo will begin to make an effort at helping you turn your marriage around, which is quite amazing.

Therefore, even when your spouse does not look committed or attentive to the marriage, you could still be a role model and begin learning the skills and knowledge other couples have to rescue their marriage; with any luck, you will find your partner involved in the marriage once more.

Just be sure that you never surrender. The love you had when you got married could even be there, and with a little work the love of your life can return.

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Barrenness is one of the most common problem couples in Africa and across the world encounter in the marriage. It is a subject that has occupied a lot of space in both online and offline heath journals, as medical experts try to proffer solution to this nightmarish experience among men and women.

Barrenness can also be referred to as infertility. It can be described as a situation whereby a married couple is unable to conceive and bear a child.

Some of the common issues that can lead to infertility in married couple include:

- age factor

- low sperm count

- hereditary

- sexually transmitted diseases

- abnormal ovulation

Some of the problems highlighted above have been subjected to scientific investigation and solutions have been found in some cases. It is however pertinent to note that some cases are beyond the medical field and in such cases; the couple may be unable to bear children. Below are some suggestions for couples struggling to overcome the stigma of infertility.

Pray about it

The Almighty is the provider of children, and there is nothing beyond his power. The closer a couple is to God, the more the possibility for divine intervention. There have been cases where God miraculously healed women of infertility issues and men with low sperm count got normal.

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Adopt a child

If both couples are able to come to agreement with regard to adopting a child, they can give it a shot. The presence of a child in a home can trigger the impossible and bring renewed hope to an otherwise hopeless situation.

Be kind to children

One of the things I have come to discover among couples struggling to bear children of their own is the tendency for them to show kindness to children. This is a natural law which can become a positive blessing to such couples as children who are being show kindness will in turn shower love on the couple and God sees the heart of such couples.

Be involved in voluntary service

When one is engaged in voluntary service, the tendency to get worried for child-bearing issues will be greatly reduced. Another benefit of volunteering in such service is the possibility to share your burden with those around you and get uplifted in the spirit.

Enjoy every moment of your life with your spouse

The tendency to withdraw involuntarily from your spouse after years of struggling to bear a child is always there. In reality, it is important to draw closer to your spouse and fill every void the presence of a child would have filled. Enjoy every moment together and don't stop trying to have a go when the mood is right.

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