In many parts of the northern hemisphere, signs of spring are beginning to appear all around us. Trees are budding, birds are signing, flowers are blooming, and the animals (including humans) are… well… twitterpated.

Do you remember in the classic cartoon movie Bambi, when the young animal friends learn about what being “twitterpated” is? It is not about posting comments on Twitter, or any other social network. However many couples do find love connections and practice plenty of flirting on social media sites. What I am referring to here is the feeling of excitement and arousal when we are sexually attracted to another. After a long dreary winter, springtime brings forth a freshness of new life, passion and desire.

Whether you have been with the same partner for a long time, or available for dating, spring is an excellent time to explore love’s possibilities and create fun new sexual adventures. Revitalize your stagnant relationship with an exciting weekend get-away to enjoy the great outdoors in its colorful spring glory. Or plan a hike or Sunday drive with a new potential lover to discover the simple beauty in nature, and in one another.

The great thing about sharing outdoor activities with others is that you can generally find common ground in appreciating the magnificent wonders of nature wherever you go. Not only do you feel more open and free when enjoying the natural splendor of spring, you will likely feel more inclined to be more physically active. It is fairly easy and economical to plan a walk and a picnic at a city park, a day hike on a nearby trail, or a bike ride to an interesting destination. Even doing yard work can be fun and gratifying when you can do outdoor projects together.

Being outside naturally enhances your senses with the vivid colors of various flowers and their fresh aromas, as well as soothing sounds of running water and animals with their fascinating mating rituals and busily preparing for their young. As you observe and appreciate the delightful signs of spring, you will feel a deeper connection with the earth, with yourself and your partner. Also, it is easier to “open your heart” for better communication when we are in a natural setting – even our own backyard or garden.

Even if you’re stuck in an office all day, take some time to go outside for a breath of fresh air. Eat your lunch outside on a patio, in the courtyard, or walk to a nearby restaurant or park. You may not have time to maintain a large garden project, but perhaps you can create a small herb garden in containers or grow some tomatoes in a pot on your porch. It is healthy and rewarding to get your hands dirty and grow some food. Notice that sex is everywhere! – From the birds and bees fluttering about, to the sexy new spring clothing styles. Put on a pair of shorts and get outside!

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