Our society does not accept emotions. We are expected to move through life like robots, go to work function whether we have anything of an emotional nature going on in our lives or not.

My son and daughter-in-law just lost their first baby over the weekend. We all had such great hope for their unborn child. To say that we are sad and grieving for their loss is an understatement. They both took two additional days off to spend the time together and gather their strength and cry. Taking this time off has allowed them a little time in private to re-group and heal. They will become closer as a result of their loss. The two of them have to return to work later this week, try to accomplish their jobs and get through their days, while they grieve internally. It is just not acceptable to be in the workplace and cry.

Keeping your emotions internalized keeps you stuck. Holding on to anger, pain, suffering and sadness causes long-term side effects and illness. We have got to start feeling our emotions fully. When you have something sad happen in your lives, take the time to cry. Don’t rush back to work before you are ready to deal with the day-to-day until you are ready.

To think you can lose a family member or a relationship and return to work two or three days later and function fully is utter nonsense! We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We have emotions. It is time to acknowledge them and feel our emotions fully. Keeping feelings of sadness and grief stuffed beneath a facade only causes us to be defended. When we are defended we become reactive when little bumps in the road of life appear. Over time if we continually stuff emotions instead of experiencing them as they happen we become shut down and eventually ill.


Chakras are wheels that spin
Our chakras are moving wheels that allow stimuli to enter into our field. Feeling our emotions allows energy (emotions) to exit. It is an ebb and flow in and out. Not one way. We have to allow energy to exit as well for our field to be strong and healthy. When our field (aura)gets weakened we become ill.

Four Minutes A Day

We only need to spend 4 minutes a day feeling our feelings fully for our energy to begin to move. Like anything new it takes a little patience and practice. Spend time feeling what is coming up to the surface tap into the emotions and cry if you need to. Or feel angry in a constructive way. Do not vent your anger on another. Punching a pillow, stomping your feet, acting like a two-year old and experiencing a temper tantrum alone is a great way to let anger out. Anger is a healthy emotion, when used as a navigation tool. It allows you to notice when someone is crossing a boundary. Be sure that you are not venting on another.

Positive use of our emotions allows us to raise our vibration and move out of depression for instance. Depression is repressed anger. Stuffing anger inside and covering it up is unhealthy. I suffered from depression most of my life. Once I began to feel my feelings in the moment, sit with what I am feeling and allowing it to surface and let it out, gives me more peace. I have become much happier on a daily basis. I am no longer depressed and have not been for some time. Medicating only covers up the symptoms it does not remedy the real issue. Allowing yourself to experience and feel your feelings instead of covering them up is healthy. Cry when you are sad, be angry when you are feeling anger. Be happy when you are joyful. Express yourself fully. Living an authentic life, feeling your emotions as they come up leads to balance and wellness.

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Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a mystic, author, speaker and Certified Dating and Relationship Coach. She is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer Workshop Facilitator and teacher.

Her talk show on Voice America Internet radio is called INTO THE MYSTIC and airs at 1:00PST, 2:00 MST, 4:00 EST and can be downloaded anytime from her Voice America page - INTO THE MYSTIC or from I-Tunes.

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