You've heard me say it before. "Change your focus!" Sometimes we need a gentle reminder that there are others in the world who suffer just as much or more than we do, much more as a matter of fact.

If you want to be free from depression, get free from yourself! Trying lending a helping hand to someone in need. Pick up the phone and call someone who needs encouragement. Donate a few dollars to your favorite charity or to your church. Make a positive change in the world, and you will feel it on the inside!

One group who suffers tremendously is American Veterans. Did you know that "the VA estimates that 131,000 veterans are homeless on any given night." Read it yourself at

This is disturbing to say the least and it's a worthy cause. Get involved and you will be just a blessed as the people you serve.

I have personally decided to get involved with an organization called

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Denise Mistich is author and owner of and The Life Cycle, a Bible study guide which walks the reader through Mistich's personal healing journey from the darkness of of depression to health and happiness.