Feminized cannabis seeds have been bred by modifying their genetic makeup with an aim to produce only female cannabis plant. This means every plant will produce buds covered with sticky resins and there will be no concern about pollination. Feminized seeds are popular and good choice for users growing their personal stash.

Regular versus feminized cannabis seeds
Regular cannabis seeds produce 50% female and 50% male plants. So, the growers need to grow twice the necessary number of seedlings to get the required female plants. With feminized cannabis, growers just plant the preferred number of seeds.

Breeders forget about the nuisance of male plants, which just wastes place in their garden as well as the risk of decreasing to get the finest sensimilla into their seed pots. Moreover, there is no concern about detecting male plants with arrival of female cannabis seeds.

Why male cannabis plants are undesired for?
Growers don’t’ desire male cannabis in plenty because it has less THC content in comparison to their opposite counterparts. However, a male plant is an asset of breeding program, but monitoring and weeding half plants is waste of space and time for growers, who grow their personal bud supply.

How feminized cannabis seeds are grown?
Feminized cannabis seeds can be grown outdoors, indoors and in green houses. You can grow it in soil as well as in hydroponic systems. Female seeds supply stable results then the regular seeds ensuing better potency for 80% in all varieties.

The principle of hemp seed feminization is simple. Female plants are stimulated to produce special kind of ‘female pollen’. Female pollen is then used to pollinate the feminine cannabis plant that starts to produce seeds, which give rise to female plants only.

The feminine cannabis seeds have a tendency to produce more uniform plants in comparison. One thing to remember is that if female seeds are stressed due to light leaks or exposure to excessive heat or cold then they could probably start producing both female and male plants.
Environmental factors, which influence cannabis plant gender, are -

To get more females
• High nitrogen concentration
• High humidity
• Low temperature
• More blue light
• Few hours of light

To get more males
• High potassium concentration
What are the benefits of growing feminine cannabis seeds?
Feminized cannabis seeds for sale in the USA will provide growers plenty of benefits. The first advantage is that buying feminine seeds assures virtually no male cannabis plant in your yield. It saves your effort and time in cross breeding the strains and weeding out male plants. The available space allocated for feminine cannabis seeds to plant maximizes.

Identifying the difference between male and female cannabis plant is tricky, even for seasoned growers. However, with female seeds this confusion gets eliminated because only female plants will grow. You get double harvest with female seeds in comparison to regular cannabis seeds.

Grower’s efforts of cultivating the best cannabis strains are fruitful. However, make sure to buy high quality feminized strains to avoid disappointment.
How to select the best cannabis strain?

Selecting the best strain depends on many things like -
• Your preference to grow indoors or outdoors
• Your smoke needs
• Your comfort level to grow because some strains are hard and others are designed to resist pest and handle stress. (the latter choice is best for new growers)

Cannabis seeds generally belong to two categories.
1. Indica - It is short, stockier plant with small, dense, and smellier buds. Flowering period lasts between 6 to 9 weeks and flowers earlier than Sativa.
2. Sativa - It grows very big and buds are less compact.

Breeders cross strains for adjusting its original property because they desire to increase yield or potency. Remember to buy feminized cannabis seeds after considering aspects like climate, type, difficulty, and yield.

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