Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese theory, it involves a basis of relative celestial and earthly correlations. In the ancient belief properly placing a building, temple, or home. The goal of Feng Shui is to situate buildings and furniture etc, in spots that are noted to ha with good qi. This noted perfect spot is a combination of location and an axis in time. This is to combine the heavenly with the earthly in a harmony. Qi is pronounced "chee" in English, is described as the "life force". The philosophies of Feng Shui are that all things should flow within the universal laws of life. It is based in part on science. The sciences and theories used that make up the Yin and Yang theory that sending and receiving energy is a circle of life energy. Therefore the goal for balanced energy and use of energy in Feng Shui is described as aligning buildings and objects with healthy flowing yin-yang force field energy.

So while Chinese traditional medicine is based on the balance of Yin and Yang energy in the human body, and in contrast Feng Shui is based on the balance of Yin and Yang in non living objects that surround us that we build, place or design for our space that we live, work and play in.

The basis of the of Feng Shui is to enhance life by using the positive energy flows of the universe. The science behind it is similar to using a compass or alignment with the celestial stars and planets to find the proper structure alignment on earth to promote a healthy flow of energy.

The philosophies date back to before 4000 BC when ancient Chinese people used astronomy to correlate links between man and the Universe.Today these philosophies can be seen throughout the Western world as well. Feng Shui as a science and is based on a Taoist vision and their understanding of nature and the universe. They believe that the land, earth and sky are all alive and filled with Qi (Chi) energy that if tapped properly it enhances life. If not, then chaos and illness ensues.

The ancient Chinese people had deep rooted beliefs that energy could either make or break a kingdom. So if something was improperly placed or blocked, it could wreak havoc or cause actual destruction of a kingdom. The theories of Yin and Yang, along with the five Feng Shui elements, provide the basic aspects of what we know to be Feng Shui. This theory is all based on the ancient analysis that comes from Taoism. With homes and buildings, the ideology is to have a property face the right direction and placed in the right location based on astronomy and magnetism. The translation to Feng Shui in English basicly means, wind-water. Tradition holds that Qi ( Chi) rides the wind and then scatters throughout the land, but the energy is retained upon encountering water.

The theory also applies when situating furniture, the idea is to place things in such a way that the energy flows well and their is no chaos. The room is designed and organized using a Feng Shui compass that resembles a clock or a chart of the stars. The chart is broken down into eight quadrants with an additional separate one for the center. In each section of the room particular things of personal meaning or style should be placed so that the energy flows within the room.

For many of the most prominent people in America like; Donald Trump , Rob Lowe, Bill Gates, George Clooney, Dolly Parton and Oprah Winfrey, Feng Shui is a way to stay balanced and live richly and fully. We cannot say that their success is attributed to this ideology of life. But we can say that in their eyes it helps them live a more balanced life with less chaos. If their using it is any indication of a barometer of success, then it is worthy of a bit of attention. Maybe Bill used it in planning Microsoft's outline, and Trump uses it in his casino halls to ensure profit. What we do know is, their belief in it gives it a level of integrity worth paying attention to.

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Victor Daily is a writer and blogger interested in health and wellness topics. Lately exploring traditional chinese medicine, the art of acupuncture and feng shui.