I never thought I would be so excited to see a brown lawn.

On the East Coast the snow is finally melted and there is but a hint of spring in the air. With morning birds chirping and daffodils sprouting tiny buds, I am so ready to trade in my fleece gloves for gardening gloves!

Give me just that little extra bit of daylight and I can already feel my energy increasing as we move from the stillness of winter to the growth energy of early spring.

All these subtle changes are gentle reminders of how much nature affects our behavior.

Feng shui, literally translated as wind and water, is about how we respond to our environments. Imagine energy (or chi) flowing like wind and water in your home. Through this mental exercise, try to identify places where chi might get stuck.

As we transition into spring, it is a perfect time to inventory our homes, clear any blockages, and rid ourselves of anything that is no longer needed or useful.

Starting slowly, here are some areas to focus on.

Getting the Skeletons (and clothes, shoes, belt, hats, gloves scarves – even jewelry) Out of the Closet

When sorting through your things, look for anything that you haven’t worn during the winter season. A general rule of thumb is that if it hasn’t been used in the last year, it’s time to go.

Need some motivation? Remind yourself that letting go of old things only opens the space for the new.

Slaying the Paper Tiger
You can do it. Get rid of that daunting pile. I have to tell you…in a typical scenario of the shoemaker’s kids having no shoes, a year or so ago I came upon a giant bin of ancient bills and miscellaneous paperwork that was somehow hidden in a far away corner of my attic.

I was stunned to find such cords to the past. It was a trip down memory lane, for sure, and often times not exactly pleasant. But…the joy and liberation I experienced going thru hours of shredding every little piece of paper was simply indescribable. It was like I was deleting and rewriting history.

Living by the Book(s)
We all have favorite books that we go back to over and over and continue to learn from. But, beware. Some books have a way of finding a spot and refusing to budge. If you are holding onto too many of them, perhaps you are limiting yourself to the certain belief system they represent. Maybe you are too rigid in your thinking, which could prevent you from seeing different perspectives.

Keep the ones that you use and recycle/give away the others. Keep in mind, there’s always the library. Separation anxiety? Go visit them.

Food for Thought
When was the last time you went through your pantry, kitchen cabinets or refrigerator? If you happened to have a weak moment at a can-can sale, make a much needed donation to your local food bank. Also, check use-by dates on all that stuff hidden in dark places.

While you are at it, take into consideration kitchen gadgets, you know the ones that sounded so fabulous in the infomercials.

Is the Medicine Worse than the Malady?
Toiletries have a way of reproducing themselves. Bathroom closets and medicine cabinets are huge breeding grounds for clutter.
This adds stress to a room that is meant to make us feel refreshed. From a health risk aspect, check for expired medications and makeup that may be outdated.

Again, don’t forget the abandoned lotions and potions that didn’t quite do the trick.

Gearing Up for Spring
We’ve been insulated all winter breathing recycled air. As the days become warmer, open the windows and circulate fresh air. This will help to release any stale chi.

As human beings we have a natural affinity to nature. Make it a habit of taking walks. Your body and soul will be grateful. Mother Earth goes thru the process of change without resistance. Follow her lead and make the changes necessary to create a space that has free flowing energy.

Use the decluttering approach of feng shui to free your home…and mind of useless clutter.

Author's Bio: 

Susan Tartaglino received her certification through the Feng Shui Institute of America, and is a Red Ribbon Professional member of the International Feng Shui Guild.

Susan was first introduced to the concepts of feng shui during her residency in Hong Kong in the 1980's. After discovering how influenced people were by their physical environment, Susan was instantly intrigued and eager to learn more about person-place connections. Becoming a feng shui practitioner was the perfect path for her to share her enthusiasm.

Other interests include a dedicated yoga practice, meditation, spending healing time with nature in her garden, and hanging out with close friends and her two cats.