Many people know that Feng Shui brings harmony and balance into one's home but few however realize the power Feng Shui has to multiply business earnings.
A business or building contains in itself the energy of the land on which it is built,of the time and people who built it and even that of those who occupied it before moving in.
A beautiful property can remain on the market for no "apparent" reason and with the help of a Feng Shui expert be sold in no time.
Feng Shui restaging, space clearing and balancing is about ridding the negative energy from a space and having new opportunities presenting themselves, such as a buyer!

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Sabrina Mizerek, owner of Mindful Home and Body, LLC. Certified Feng Shui Consultant and Master Reiki Healer. Mindful Home and Body, LLC is located in Westfield NJ and offers commercial consultation for small businesses or large companies. Feng Shui for Real Estate, Owners or sellers, as well as individual homes. We also offer Reiki healing.