This morning I woke up, checked Facebook and clicked a You Tube link about the oil spill in the Gulf. As I was watching I was inspired to write an article about how the principles of Feng Shui can help us at this time.

I know that this probably sounds a bit far-reaching, but hear me out.

Our sea and our land need us. The destruction the oil spill in the Gulf is causing is difficult to comprehend. What can we, as individuals do? We can use this terrible experience as an opportunity for change. We can choose a new path, a new way of living in our world. One that honors and respects all life.

Feng Shui is about living in balance and harmony with your environment.

Two of the basic principles in Feng Shui are:

1. Everything is connected
2. Everything is constantly changing

And they both apply in this situation. First, everything is connected. We now know just how much this is so. Everything we do ripples out and affects the world around us, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. For example: When we use pesticides we affect not only the insects we view as bad but we also affect the good insects. And we affect the quality of our water and the land we live on. Everything is connected.

Second, everything is constantly changing. We can see this is the ever changing seasons and weather around us. And now, we can see devastating change occurring daily in the Gulf. Change that is affecting our sea, our land and the animals and people unfortunate enough to be close by- and ultimately change that will affect us all.

How can Feng Shui help? By embracing the basic principles of Feng Shui we can choose to change the way we live our lives and that in turn can make a difference the way we use energy and how the energy we use impacts the world around us. We can choose to move away from energy sources that contaminate and damage the world we live in.

5 Easy Steps to Big Change

1. Recycle
2. Buy local food and produce whenever possible to cut back on the fuel needed when our food is sourced elsewhere
3. Change to compact fluorescent light bulbs to reduce the amount of energy you use
4. Drive less, use public transportation more
5. Turn your thermostat up in the summer and down in the winter – every little bit of energy you save helps

Change starts at home, with each of us. We can make a difference. We can choose to change. And Feng Shui can help, when we live in balance and harmony with our environment everybody wins.

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