They say our homes reflect our personalities and our personalities reflect in our homes. Which means that our surroundings play a huge role on our behavior, energy, attitude, mood etc. In today’s scenario, how much ever time we spend in our offices or out with our friends, the first foot you set back inside home at midnight gives you the most heightened feelings of relief. There are more than countable times that you realize, after all home is home!

The way we design and arrange our homes has a deep connection with the flow of energies within. For instance, try out a small exercise. The next time you feel agitated and confused, go around sorting your bedroom, your belongings, your house. Just align things in place and make some space. And ask yourself if that makes you feel better. Clutter around the house, huge heavy pieces of furniture along the walls, too many elements in a limited place, all symbolize cluttered energy. Scientifically also, your subconscious mind perceives even those things that your eyes may not focus at! Which goes to add that whenever we have congested spaces occupying more area, or an unorganized corner, our senses perceive them as a blockage to thoughts, ideas, energies.

Modern architectural institutes suggest remedies for small spaces. It is noted that Mid century Modern architectural influences have been created keeping in mind, the needs and living conditions of the modern man. With the recent interior design trends, one also notices that iconic furniture pieces from 1900 to 2000 which reached a certain design status were mostly influences of the Mid Century Modern Furniture.

There are websites like that specialize in Mid Century furniture and interior design pieces that solve the purpose of great iconic design while being suitable for Feng Shui. From Living area furniture pieces to coffee tables, lamps, office furniture, lighting, outdoor and bedroom, covers a long list of options that are easily available for you to choose from.

If you belong to the old school and are skeptical about investing money into furniture for your house through internet, has a great feature that will come in handy for you to use. They make it easier for you to imagine and visualize how a certain piece will look in a certain area of your house. The online service requires a couple of photographs of your room and they send you interior designs options from the site.

Not only does having neat and compact interior accessories help your adobe in appearing more pleasant, open and positive, it also styles with an extra edge. Such type of interior counts as timeless and does not even fall out of fashion in 6 months. If you are wondering whether aligning things in line will cost you too much or not, let us tell you that very reasonable prices, along with international shipping is available at

Feng Shui embraces the basics of ventilation and flow of thoughts. What visibly seems clear, neat and opulent, affects your thoughts, patterns and actions in the same impact while surrounding you. Remember that your home and the way it is arranged are extremely crucial and significant for you, as every time you start a day, it starts at home and it ends at home. Invest wisely and choose from countless ideas at Let your home always pleasantly welcome you. Let the energies flow.

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Shivani Sharan writes Articles for websites and blogs majorly encouraging readers in health and fitness. Health of the body, mind and soul, highlighting total wellbeing.