Crystals are fruit of the Earth. They are gifts from Mother Nature to both delight us and help us feel more secure. Any man who wants to make his woman very happy knows that crystals are always a good choice. They are also a good choice for other challenging situations:
> To slow down energy that is moving too fast: If you have stairs that pour out your front door or long hallways, crystal light covers will slow down that racing energy.
> To speed up energy that is moving too slow: If you have a room that is full of so much clutter the energy can't move enough for you to even begin clearing junk out, hang a 50-60 millimeter crystal from the ceiling and feel the weight lift off your shoulders so you can get started.
> To lift up energy that is too heavy: if you've recently had a significant emotional experience such as death or divorce, bring in a fresh crystal and lift up the weight of your heart.
> To deflect energy that is charging at you: If you sit with your side to the doorway, you can place a chunk of crystal on your desk between you and the entrance and you'll be able to concentrate without feeling "blind-sided" by distractions so often.
There are many types of crystals. Choose your crystal by whether or not it feels like it is yours. You'll know. If you don't feel like you need a certain crystal, it is not the one for you. Different crystals resonate at different frequencies. You'll recognize the frequencies that are harmonious for you.

I carry a small pouch of crystals and gemstones with me at all times. Here is a list of some of what I carry and why:
> Quartz crystal: amplifies my energy, doubles my auric field, dispels static electricity and negative vibrational frequencies, dissolves karmic sees, enhances psychic awareness, and even soothes burns
> Rose quartz: enhances love and compassion, heals the heart, calms and reassures, releases blockages of unexpressed emotion, and promotes self-esteem
> Amethyst: raises vibrational frequency, activates crown chakra, enhances visualization, disperses psychic attack, eases fear-based emotions, and aids in the assimilation of new ideas.
> Sodalite: unites logic and intuition, eliminates mental confusion, encourages rational thought and verbalization of feelings; known as "the writer's stone"
> Turquoise: promotes spiritual attunement, dispels negative energy, heals spirit, promotes problem solving, alleviates pollution on all levels
> Malachite: encourages new patterns of behavior, releases negative experiences, aids in psychic vision; known as "the stone of transformation"
> Citrine: attracts wealth and success, brings happiness and generosity, energizes and invigorates; known as "stone of prosperity"
> Carnelian: grounds energies to anchor into the now, improves analytic abilities; motivates success in business, aids positive life choices, dispels apathy
> Garnet: energizes and revitalizes (depth of red color reflects my health), clears negative chakra energy, stimulates controlled rise of kundalini energy, and inspires love.
You'll notice that I carry a rainbow of colors of crystals and gemstones. As a Capricorn, I have cardinal earth energy. You should choose your crystals based on how they feel or what you know you need.
One last note about crystals. They'll stay with you for a time, and then they'll leave. Sometimes you'll be inspired to give one to someone who needs it. Sometimes they'll disappear entirely. I've had crystals disappear in Texas and reappear in Colorado over a year later! I don't know why they do this, but knowing, when one of yours exits your dimension, know it is headed where it is needed.

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Trisha Keel is a feng shui master and environmental energy expert. For more information, please visit