Harmonious interrelationship geared towards the comfort of people will always be of paramount consideration in any Feng shui design - everything else places secondary. To get a grasp of this principle here are some Feng Shui home tips.

The "Flying Stars" map must guide the distribution of objects and furniture around the house. This is done to determine which sectors they belong to.

These should also be done in harmonic quantities because in Feng shui practice, objects represent a symbol of an element. Over distribution of one item could upset a balance that the whole Feng shui plan is to achieve.

Couches, beds and chairs should be placed in such a way that those who are sitting or lying on it should have an unobstructed view of the door. The bed's head board as well as the chairs - especially those which the head of the family usually use - must always be placed against solid walls.

Shapes evoke different feelings in us. The choice of accessories should elicit pleasant and cheery feelings.

Colors have to be chosen with care. Even in conventional interior design, colors represent a particular mood. This is also very true with Feng shui.

The difference may lie mainly not on what is the current trend and looks pretty and modern. Rather, the choice of colors has to be done to achieve a balance with the temperament of the occupants.

The unobstructed flow of chi is very important. There should be no obstructions on pathways, doors and entry points like gates. Avoid structures in front of the main entrance - rocks, gardens and shrubbery that will distract your line of vision. In fact avoid living in a house with a tall building in front of it or trees where the branches points towards your direction.

There should also be no exposed beams and dark corners and areas in the house, as these will disturb the flow of the chi.

Mirrors are to be placed in areas where you would want particular views in the house to be reflected. Mirrors though should not be placed directly at the foot of the bed.

Avoid clutter. Clutter disturbs the flow of energy inside the house. Clean screens and everything else where the house gets its ventilation. Avoid also leaving sleepers and shoes at the doorsteps.

The house should be very well ventilated and the air coming into it must always be fresh and clean. For this reason, open the doors - especially the bedroom doors - for as long as possible. You wouldn't want stale air from staying stagnant inside it. The dust that you are avoiding will never be enough justification for the rewards of good ventilation.

Fu dogs are symbols of safeguarding the home. Place Fu dogs at both sides of your front door.

Watch out for poison arrows. These could be represented by sharp or pointed objects that are directed either towards the house (if the objects are coming from the outside) or of protrusions, sharp turns and corners in the house.

Whenever possible, do not allow a path in your house or in the garden that are straight. This in Feng shui is the path of the destructive nature.

To achieve a harmonious kitchen, do not place the stove, refrigerator and kitchen sink too close to one another.

Green also represents harmony. Placing a green carpet or rug will enhance harmonious relationship. In fact bring plants inside the house and take good care of them. It will prevent unnecessary clashes and conflicts.

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